Maria & Rob and their Luv-A-Licious Wedding

Thursday, September 4, 2008 - Weddings
Maria and Rob are just supercool. We had a fab time with them at their engagement session earlier this summer in Harrisburg - (check that out RIGHT HERE). And were super stoked to have some fun at their wedding on August 22nd. Their ceremony and reception locations were both at venues we have not photographed at before. (We have been at the gardens for a portrait session, but never a wedding.) The ceremony was held at the Hershey Gardens, and their reception was at the Antique Auto Museum, both in Hershey, PA.

There was color everywhere and the roses were blooming! The ceremony was in the rose garden amongst all of the color. During the ceremony, Rob and Maria had 12 doves released - 2 for themselves, then 5 for their friends and family in attendance, and 5 for the loved ones that were no longer here. It was a nice touch. It was a tad bit funny - sorry I had to laugh - because Rob and Maria didn't want to actually release the birds. They had a friend come up and do it during the ceremony. The funny part is, is that the birds wouldn't fly out of the cage for their friend! She stood there trying to get them to come out and they just wouldn't. The woman that brought them, she had to get up and release them. I guess there is a trick to getting birds out of a cage - something I guess most people think is easy! I know they probably wouldn't fly out for me either. Those silly birds.

The reception at the auto museum was a treat, as the dinner and dancing was held down on the bottom floor where all of the antique buses are kept. They lined the room on both sides and provided a cool backdrop. You will see some of them in the reception shots below. The reception was pretty wild and ornery, with a lot of dancing, a Yager Ice Luge, and a custom flavor homemade ice cream just for Maria and Rob. (Hello? Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream!)

There isn't much more to be said - the photos say it all below! Oh, except I have to of course give a shout out to the wonderful Melissa from Event Planning Network - she kept the day running super smooth!

We started off with the guys, and Rob's ring bearers were super cute.
Rob had a "best woman" instead of a best man. :) We were all joking because no one knew what to call her - best person, best woman, best....something? Here the guys were all poking fun at her. :)
Rob was all anxious to see Maria - they were having a first glimpse before the wedding, and she was literally minutes away from being there when we were doing these shots of him.
Ah and there it is!
The whole wedding crew.
And to match the cute ring bearers, were even cuter (sorry ring bearers!) - flower girls - who were having some fun of their own...
...I just had to do both of these!
Lovely Maria's smile!
Getting sleepy waiting for the ceremony to start.
Even though Rob had already seen Maria before the ceremony, I think he was holding back some tears here as she was walking down the aisle.
Looooove this shot. The sky was uber blue and cloudy.
Playing in fuzzy bushes. Yep, they had fuzzy bushes at the gardens. We were having some fun with these. :)
Rob was sooo making tons of faces at Joel right in front of him as Joel was getting the next shot... and rings and sun. All ya need!
Maria's awesome red placecards.
Ooh and that Yager luge!
The homemade ice cream came in a big block...frozen solid block. The caterer had to chop it apart!
But it was sooo worth the wait!
Doesn't it just look yummy beyond belief!?
The DJ doing his thang!
Last call!
And a last shot in the diner - there was a replica diner set up as part of the museum. How fun!
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