Calling Photographers! WiebLab #2 Oct. 20th-22nd

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Hey photographers out there! WiebLab #2 is happen'! It is scheduled for October 20th-22nd of this year, and we still have several spots left for any that want to attend. Are you itchin' to see how we create all of our kick-ass images? From start to finish we will show you how we see what we see, process the images in our look, and have a whole heck of a lot of fun! Be prepared to learn a whole boatload of useful information to take your business to the next level. Most importantly we will be stressing how to keep it real - being true to yourself, your images and your clients. That is just a quick synopsis of all of the juicy details. There is so much to share! This will be the last WiebLab for 2008!

For full details on the workshop, go to the main WiebLab page on our site -



I have been getting several emails from photographers asking when our 2009 workshops will be scheduled. After a lot of discussion, Joel and I have decided that this workshop - Wieblab #2 - will be the last for 2008, and that we will NOT be having any in 2009. That's right - there will NOT be any WiebLabs in 2009. We have several other areas of our business we want to focus on, and will need to commit all of our time to that for the greater part of next year. And as always, we are completely dedicated to our clients. So for anyone contemplating whether to sign up or not, this may be your last chance to get in on several days-worth of Wiebner knowledge for a long time! (Not to sound pushy, but I am just giving you fair warning!)

You can still see us at the DWF Convention in January, and we will be doing several webinars for Simply Canvas over the next few months. We have just decided to hold off on our own personal workshops for a bit. Thanks for understanding!