4 Kids + 1 Dog + Pajamas + Hibachi + Amusement Park!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - Personal
So in addition to the previous post, I also had to show y'all some fun photos from the Lutz adventure weekend! Haydn and Zane were soooo cute with Mark's little boys, Brady and Parker. Whenever we go out with friends, or are around other kids, it always seems like Haydn and Zane are the youngest kids of the group. For once, the tables were turned, and they were the big kids - Mark's boys are 2 and 4, and it was so sweet to see how good our guys were with younger boys. Haydn especially was really gentie with Brady, Mark's youngest, and would help him do different things. It was just so adorable. Zane had brought one of his stuffed animals along, and all of them were totin' that thing around the house all weekend! Brady was definitely a little shadow to Haydn and Zane for the entire weekend. I just can't say enough how cute it was!!

I have a few shots here from breakfast the one morning, and then on Sunday afternoon after all of the wedding and family portrait excitement was finished, Mark took us to one of their local amusment parks - Del Grosso's. The kids had a bunch of fun, and even some of us adults! Thanks again Lutz family for a wonderful weekend!

Morning breakfast on Saturday before our wedding - the kids were just too fun - here's Brady hamming it up, while Haydn and Zane are completely uninterested. :)
I love this shot of Zane! What a goober he is. :)
Parker sporting the milk mustache!
Ah, Zane and Brady discussing Zane's stuffed animal - the favorite of the weekend!
Oh, and how can we forget about Shorty!?!? I seriously wanted to kidnap her and bring her home with us. She is an English Bulldog pup, only a couple of months old - Mark has had her for about a month or so. She is so sweet and cuddly, and the best part?! She snores! It was so funny, each night while we were staying up talking, she would lay at our feet and snore. It was super funny! Plus, she had her first taste of people food when we got there. Jill was husking a ton of corn, and Shorty grabbed a cob and took off with it. She gnawed on that thing the entire first night we were there. :)
Sunday after the family shoot, we all headed to a local Hibachi restaurant. This was the first Hibachi experience for the Wiebner clan, and it proved memorable! The boys were impressed with the mad skilz of our chef. :)
Mark catching some flying egg!!!
Our wickedly talented chef.
Zane was really enjoying that lo-mein.
Let there be FIRE!
On to the amusement park. The kids were really excited!
Yep that's me and Jill with all of the kids in the front 3 cars.
Brady wasn't happy here, he wasn't tall enough to go on the ride that the rest of the boys could go on. Poor little guy. :(
Zane is pointing to where he dropped his shoe - he lost his shoe during this ride, and it fell under the car, and it was drove over multiple times. Just wait until you see that shoe...
...yep that's the shoe. It was so nasty. I had to take it to the bathroom and scrub it with soap - oh and Zane's hands too, cause he thought he had to touch those same tires. yick!
And of course we needed more ride tickets - there are never enough!
Joel thought it would be funny to include this shot - the boys insisted I get on this ride with them. It is one of those that takes you up to the top, then drops you down, the back up, then back down - ugh. I am usually really great with rides - like I don't get nautious on them or anything, but ever since we went on the Tower of Terror when we were at Disney earlier this summer, my stomache has gotten a bit queasy. Darnit! I don't look like I am enjoying myself. :)
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