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Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - Families
So I have two additional posts to make from the weekend of August 16th. This is one of them. Our friend Mark, who is also a wedding photographer (Mark Lutz Photography), graciously offered for us and our boys to spend the weekend at his house while we were in his town (Altoona, PA) photographing Meredith and Mike's wedding. His wife Jill, even watched our boys for us while we shot the wedding that Saturday. They were super nice to be so accommodating!

While we were in town, Mark had asked if we would mind taking some family photos for them - it was the least we could do for them since they had opened up their home to us! The photos below are from the "session" - I have some more fun photos from the weekend, but I will put them in another post.

Mark took us to a local state park for their session, and he took us to one of his favorite spots to shoot, which were old huge stone kilns, that were some sort of lime kilns. Mark could probably tell you better. Anyway, we had a lot of fun playing around with them - and we also had a bit of a challenge. We have never had our own kids along on a shoot before, and they were for this one, so it was interesting trying to work, and watch the boys at the same time! A few photos of them were snuck in here below, as they wanted to get some photos taken with Mark's two little guys, Parker and Brady.

As much of a challenge as it was, we did have a ton of fun, we could of spent a couple hours photographing here, but I don't think the kids patience would have lasted!

On the way back to the kilns, we stopped on this fun bridge...
Then played and had some fun at the kilns.
Yep, there are our two, they wanted this shot - there's Brady, Parker, Zane and Haydn.
Mark walking with his two little men.
And trying to get them to cooperate - this shot was taken right before the shot from up above in the header. :)
Sticks are always good distractions for little boys.
Brady showing me HIS sticks...
Some running!
And Haydn, the ever-growing cool kid extraordinaire, wanted to pose for this shot, you certainly can't tell he is a photographer's kid or anything - but what make it particularly funny is that Brady wanted in on the action too, and just happened to point to Haydn's butt. What a shot!
Ooh! Parker and his stick.
And I liked this one too. :)
Oh there's Haydn again, showing off, with the "My Chemical Haircut". :)
There's the whole family!
Hanging your kids upside down is good for the blood flow, I suggest trying it. :)
And some fun in some cool green stuff.
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