Meredith and Mike: A Haunted Farmhouse Wedding!

Sunday, August 31, 2008 - Weddings
We walked in the door, and knew it was a gem - right from the start. The house was old, full of character and had life all around it. We found Meredith upstairs, sitting in a chair- I could see that she was nervous and we quickly tried to put her at ease. The room where everyone was getting ready was a complete hubbub of activity. The kids were jumping about, the adults were getting dressed, and Meredith was getting her hair and makeup done. I sent Joel off to get some details around the house and we got down to it. Another wedding day had begun.

We were really excited to be photographing this wedding - Meredith and Mike were having their wedding - the entire day except for the ceremony - at the family "house" where everyone congregated. It was an old farm house - dating back to the 1800s, and was apparently haunted! Meredith told us several stories of strange happenings that have been reported across the years. A haunted farm house? Why not? One of Meredith's family members had restored the house, and they now held all of the get togethers, holidays, etc. there - it even had a huge kitchen for catering purposes, and a dining room that seated over a hundred people. It was just breathtaking. Joel and I really appreciate the architecture and history behind old houses such as this, and we were so tickled to be photographing there.

Before I get ahead of myself, I need to mention a few things. Meredith and Mike's wedding was August 16th in the beautiful area of Altoona, PA. We actually spent the entire weekend there, staying with one of our photographer buddies, Mark Lutz. More about him, his wonderful family, and the shenanigans we got into in the next post.

As for this wedding day - the ceremony was held at a local church, First Presbyterian in Hollidaysburg, PA. The ceremony was beautiful, with hand-written vows that Mike and Meredith shared with each other. They also had a fun balloon release at the end of the ceremony, and then whisked away in their limo, with Joel in attendance - to visit the gravesite of Meredith's father. Joel captured some somber and intimate moments of this couple paying their respects. I think it was lovely for Meredith to include this on their special day.

Before they arrived at the reception, they made a pit stop for ice cream - boy I missed out on that one! Once the reception got going, it was all partay! Meredith and Mike had also added their own touches - Meredith wanted it to be super fun for all of their nieces and nephews - they had lawn games, including bocce, checkers, huge pic-up sticks, AND the ultimate - a moon bounce! The reception room was decorated beautifully, with arrangements by the amazingly talented Narber's Floral Company.

We couldn't have asked for a better day or better couple - thank you two wonderful people for making our job so delightful!
Two of the many flower girls, trying to get their shoes on in the hallways. There were a TON of kids in this one!
The beautiful and elegant Meredith, simply illuminated by the window.
Having some fun with one of the boys, Meredith was teasing him while she was having some shots taken.
Loved this house - did I mention that?
Poor little guy, he totally didn't want his photo taken, but I got it anway - tears and all. :)
Mike was all smiles thinking of Meredith!
Oh boy, time to walk down that aisle!
Really beautiful church.
Love this shot - lots of balloons!
Ok, so of course there is a story behind this. Do you know that Volkswagon commercial where there is a guy that wants to buy a car, and he sees someone else looking at it, so he runs over and licks the car so they won't buy it? Yeah, this is Meredith's take on that, and this time it's a husband, not a car. :)
Paying respects, in the cemetary. What a gorgeous shot.
Oh yeah, ice cream fun!
The rockin reception room - you can also see a painting above the doorway of the house.
A few portraits of these two.
We had some fun in the barn...
We fought over our ring shots, so you are seeing them both! :)
Love this shot, of Meredith and her mom laughing over this conversation starter card. It says (just in case you can't read it), "how would you change the relationship you have with your mother?"
Meredith and a friend, off to party!
Mike is having some fun here!
Oh yeah, in the moon bounce, oh yeah.
Gettin some air too.
Hanging in the gazebo, everyone looks quite comfy.
Love this shot of the farmhouse and the tent with the lights.
Oh it got crazy, let me tell you. Singing into roses - guess you need to use something for a microphone. :)
Meredith was really into it.
Some last, night time smoochies.
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