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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry
So a few weeks back, our very good friends John and Dalisa Cooper, from Alt F Photography were here to do a workshop for photographers. We were the hosting studio, so for about 64 hours - our lives were infused with Alt-F goodness. It wasn't nearly enough time, not even close. John sold out 2 separate days of workshops - so all day Monday and all day Tuesday he showed 30+ photographers how he does what he does. I never grow tired of listening to John - he has been such an inspiration to us since we first heard him speak back in the winter of 2006. We are very fortunate to have grown close to him and Dalisa. During the workshop we joked that him and Joel were separated at birth. They eerily have tons of similarities.

We miss these 2 terribly and wish they were back in Lancaster! Many thanks to you both for putting up with Wiebner craziness for 2.5 days!

If you want to follow all of the shenanigans these two have been up to on their road trip tour - check out John's blog

Monday morning started out with a shoot out in the parking lot of our building.
Some of my all time favorite men. :) Our good friend, Matthew Tennison, Joel and of course Kingston.
Tracey and Jack were the models for the mini "engagement session" that John did on Monday morning to start off the workshop. They had come up all of the way from New Jersey just to volunteer for the shoot! Tracey was so excited when I had posted on the blog about models! They were a super cool couple and we hope to work with them in the future! Thanks guys!
Joel says I am giving the stink eye here - uh, yeah...ok...
Ms. Dalisa doing her wife duty of videotaping John - some of their videos are absolutely hilarious!
John showing off some "stuff". :)
In the art gallery next to ours, John was demonstrating how to use multiple videolights to get some cool affects. Big thanks to one of our brides from last year - Kim for modeling!
In the afternoon on Monday, John showed how he does some of his conceptual pieces - he used our good friends Josh and Michele - our permanent Wiebner models for this shoot.
John showing Michele exactly what expression she should be making. :)
With the first day wrapped up - Joel went with John out the RV park where their RV was grounded at to watch John shoot one of his family portraits. In addition to their month long road trip around the country for these workshops (which they traveled in a 40 foot RV) - John was also stopping along the way to photograph photographers and their families. Joel enjoyed this shot of John with his trusty light. :)
One of John and Dalisa's dogs, Visa, jumped in our car and thought he was going along back to the studio. Silly pup! :)
Day TWO! Different day, same content, different participants - John worked it all over again, with a new group. Tuesday morning, we had some more friends volunteer to shoot - some of our other favorite subjects - Brock from Infinet Design and his wife Becca. We had some fun with them. :)
I snagged a few quick portraits of these two, I just can't help it, it's an addiction. :)
Joel and Kingston goofing off as always. I think Kingston is missing something from his camera.
Brock and Becca again - in front of the corn and corn fence. This is a few buildings down from ours, and we just love it.
Back inside, John was demonstrating more videolight techniques and had Brock and Becca squeeze uncomfortably close on our couch with 4 other people. It made for a SUPER funny shot - you need to check out his blog to see it!
Getting some serious work done - Kingston and Dalisa were mapping routes for the next leg of John and Dalisa's trip.
John talking about one of the images that made him famous. ;)
The afternoon again was invaded by Michele and Josh - after John completing the 2nd image in his concept series, we all went outside for a little bit more fun and shooting.
Josh' nickname for the workshop was "Sparkles" because Michele had bought him a bling set of sunglasses with rhinestones on the sides. Josh wasn't too fond of the name, but we just couldn't let it die. Here John wanted to try on the "sparkly" shades.
Wow, Josh looks, wow, with those glasses on. :) hehe And of course, John looks badass. ;)
We were TRYING to do a group shot of the four of us, but Joel somehow forgot Josh was supposed to be in the shot.
Yep, this is us, all of the time.
That's a little better.
Even better, we had to do some shots of the four of us - thanks to our buddy Jason Domingues for taking these next few shots for us. Joel and I put on our Very Alt F road trip shirts, and we couldn't have John and Dalisa come to Lancaster and not give them a bit of dutchiness. I took Dalisa down to Central Market and bought here and John, "I love Intercourse" t-shirts. :)
Ok, super gross, last time John was here he showed Joel this thing of sticking his goatee in his mouth - he said Dalisa hates it - well yeah, Joel started doing it all of the time (thanks John) and they both had to show off. Yeah, me and Dalisa, not liking it so much - its so gross!
A bunch of us went for dinner on Tuesday night after the workshop. Josh and John were playing with the kids wireless headphones in the backseat.
Kingston, Siobhann from Dollface Studio and John. We just liked this image. ;)
John, up close and personal, being lit with 2 iPhones. :)
Aw, there's Jason. He came up from Kansas City to hang out and then was driving with John and Dalisa in the RV up to Boston, the next stop on the tour and then flying home.
Yeah, Kingston and Josh have this thing...its complicated. ;) Just kidding - Josh and Michele are very much in love, but Josh and Kingston are close - too close maybe. :)
My very big Joel, eating very tiny grapes.
And one last shot of Josh, just cause we love him SOOOOO much! Thanks Sparkles!
And yes, we had the oppotunity to actually get photographed as a family, by another photographer. Something we have NEVER had done together. We had some fun with John out in Amish country. ;) Thanks John for taking such a perfect representation of the Wiebner family!
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