The Beautiful Grace - Now a Senior

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - Seniors
The other week we had the pleasure of working with another sibling from one of our favorite families. It's hard to believe Grace is ready to be a high school senior. We first met her 4 years ago when we photographed her sister Jessica's wedding. We also did her other sister's wedding in 2006 - you may remember seeing Carrie on the blog if you have been following for awhile. :)

Grace has certainly grown into a beautiful young lady, and although she was a little nervous, we tried to make her as comfortable as possible. We even managed to get a few giggles out of her. We really had a blast walking around downtown with her. It is a very different experience though for us, photographing just one person instead of two. Most of our clients are couples in love, so its fun when we get to do something different. Not that we don't love our couples :) cause we totally do, just photographing one person is, well, different. We ended up picking some spots to shoot that we have never thought of before because it was easier to do with just a solo subject. We are pretty darn happy with the results :) and Grace we hope you are too!

We started out at the studio and actually played around in the foyer to our building.
Love this ivy that we have all over her, makes an awesome background.
Soaking in some sun!
And we borrowed these blue doors from a local church, you would never guess though!
This is one of my favorites. Joel was down below setting Grace up for something and I stayed up above and then looked down and saw this great shot. This is one of those things that I just couldn't do with a couple - there isn't enough room in that tiny little space! :)
Back at the studio Grace did a quick change and we did some more casual stuff using the stairs.
This was one of those giggles - I think Joel said something corny or nerdy to get her to laugh - it worked! ;)
Yeah, Grace is 17.
My other favorite!
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