Beach Camping Disaster...Sort of

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - Personal

Yeah, yeah yeah - I am wickedly behind on blog posting. It has been an insane couple of weeks! We have had 2 weddings, several portrait sessions, a family birthday, a photographer workshop and a mini-vacation camping with a bunch of friends! Whew -e! That was a mouthful. This week is blog catch up week, so you can expect a new post every day or two, and then we will be back on our regularly scheduled programming! :)

I am first going to start out with our wonderful, lovely, cheerful, fun, exciting, adventurous, much anticipated - Camping um, I mean Camping Trip! :) It certainly had its ups and downs, which I will elaborate in full, but overall it was a fun trip. Who would want to go on vacation and have it be boring? So on to the good details.

We organized this trip several months ago with some friends - some photographers, and some not - but we all thought a much needed mid-week camping trip on the beach would be a blast. Joel and I had found a great place to camp on the beach last summer - it is down in Southern Maryland on St. George's Island, or Piney Point, MD. Fairly rustic tent camping, and like I said, right on the beach. Last year when we were there, we had gone in August, which is towards the end of the season, and it was very quiet and not too hot. This time around, we enjoyed extreme heat, biting flies that drove the best of us absolutely nuts, stinging jellyfish in the water, oh and a wicked thunderstorm that had about 25-30 mph winds (60-70 mph winds were expected and we all ran for cover).

We were there for 3.5 days, and the first day was pretty rough. The heat and the flies were super bad - there wasn't any wind at all, which made it all the worse. 'Til we all got set up and unloaded we were ready to strangle someone - or each other. :) So we all jumped in the water for a refreshing swim. Until we realized the jellyfish were much worse than last year. Several of the kids got stung, but hardly any of the adults. I think it was really because they were thrashing around in the water and not really paying attention. Typical of your average kid. So we ended up having to be very careful in the water.

Day 2 came with some biking, kayaking and more swimming - plus a nice breeze, so the flies weren't as bad. Day 3 was more of the same, until the thunderstorm rolled in and we ended up spending the late afternoon and evening hiding in a mesh sided tent with everyone. Which was cool in its own respect as we were all together in one place. We played board games and talked and it was fairly relaxing.

One of the best parts for me, was sitting by the campfire the first 2 nights - making smores with all of the kids, and other campfire goodies. I guess though we are all getting too old, as not many of us stayed up too late - party poopers! and instead hit the hay early.

With lots of fun memories, we all headed home on the last day, a little sad and a lot grateful to be returning to civilization. :) All joking aside, we had a wonderful time, and hope everyone will put up with us again next year for another trip! We didn't take too many photos, as it was totally about relaxing while we were there - but we got a few fun snapshots with the point and shoot.

**Ok, I needed to add this stuff, cause I forgot a few things that needed mentioning. On top of all of our catastrophes above, pretty much none of us adults had a good night sleep any of the nights we were there. :) The first night there was loud music being played in a nearby tent, well into the wee hours of the night/morning. Ok, no problem, we all complained about it to each other the next morning. The SECOND night is when the crap hit the fan. :) All the way down on the other side of the beach there was a major party going on with EXTREME loud music being played. Like we could hear it loudly all the way on our side of the beach. So all of us old fuddy-duddy parents didn't sleep much, and the next morning I found out, that half of us were up at 4:30 AM because of this music - Neville actually put his "in charge" hat on and walked down and told the party goers about it - right, at 4:30 AM. So that put an end to it. We were all proud of Neville. :)

And speaking of Neville, he had called us before the trip, all worried about what to bring, what we needed etc. Joel told him the basics, thinking Neville had never been camping before. Boy were we wrong! Mr. Neville is an experienced camper from his youth and pulled out all sorts of fancy tricks on the trip. From being a fire god, to inventing luscious campfire goodies (donuts on a stick anyone?) to enthralling us with hilarious stories of his camping days in Canada and how he got the nickname of Dr. Kai (Hope I spelled that right Neville!). It involves making latrines in the wilderness if that gives you a clue. Hail to the campmaster Neville! :)

My stud man Haydn trying to boogie board with no waves. :)

Kingston, trying to be a shark, I guess.

The kids were having a blast playing on my kayak.

I think one of the kids is OCD - nicely lined up shovels...probably Haydn, he always had this thing when he was younger about lining up all of his Thomas trains.

The lovely Mrs. Swoope :) and Kingston - I just liked this shot.

Awww...Mr. and Mrs. Swoope. Josh and Michele have become good friends of ours over the last year.

We played some games with the kids and had prizes for them - it helped keep them busy!

Haydn and Matthew's son, Samuel - what cuties!

The whole Wiebner clan.

Two of Lori and Neville's daughter's - Avonlea and Daniella.

This was the wake while the thunderstorm was attacking at full force. There were still people fishing on the pier! They were crazy!

Joel was having fun with the glo stick jewelry I had for the kids - he is such a...dork. :)

Joel took some of the boys down on the beach while the waves were crashing and the wind was a-blowin'. They were all trying to fight their way through the gusting winds!


The whole crew! From left - Douglas, Wendy, Wyatt and Jack - me, Joel and Zane, Kingston, Noah, Josh and Michele - Lori, Neville, Avonlea, (Haydn - who wanted to be next to Avonlea), Noelle, and Daniella - and Maria, Samuel and Matthew.

What a bunch!

Matthew, Maria and Samuel!

Aw, my sweeties - pirate eared Haydn and the Zipster.

I love this one of the kids. They all got along so well! This was the group of the little ones - ranging in age from about 3 up to 7.

Haydn and Zane made new girlfriends :) - they had their eyes on Lori and Neville's two daughters that were the same age as them! :)

Avonlea proving she was tougher than Haydn.

Just some cool trees.

Now here's a bunch. The 5 of us are pretty much inseparable.

And just an amazing sky as we drove home! Camping over and out!

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