Hot, hot, hot - the Wedding of Laura and Seth

Thursday, July 31, 2008 - Weddings
July 19th was a pretty hot day, not our hottest wedding ever - but it was the hottest church we have ever been in! The church was un-air conditioned, and we ended up being inside it for almost 3 hours! Yikes! Although the heat was killing everyone, Laura and Seth breezed through it with smiles and tears. I have never been so moved before, as I was when Laura came down the aisle. I was snapping away, grabbing her and her dad doing the walk, and then I turned, and there was Seth. He was staring lovingly at her, with tears just pouring down his face. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. Seth has always come across to me as a fairly reserved and serious man, but it was obvious in this moment, how much he truly loved Laura. I had to hold myself back from tearing up myself!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the reception was a wild one, with the guests partying all night at the Moselem Springs Golf Club - everyone was so warm and inviting, we couldn't help but get great shots!

I am keeping this post short and sweet, cause the photos speak volumes! Let's take a look!

Laura's flower girl was so cute while getting her hair done! She was all excited to show it off!
Laura's mom had a great staircase here at her house, Joel and I both wanted to use it for some shots!
That adorable flower girl again, getting all gussied up!
Laura had some beautiful details in her dress.
Seth's face as Laura approached the altar.
Loved this shot of the church - just a simple little country church, but it had a ton of character!
Some wedding party fun...
And a quick shot of the happy couple!
Let the party start!
Seth's grandfather was participating in the sing along.
The ring bearer was ALL over the place...
...he was so cute! You should have seen him on the dance floor.
I told you it was getting wild.
Ah finally falling...asleep...
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