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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 - Weddings
How unusual it is, but we have never had a wedding on a Thursday before. Because of the July 4th weekend, Christine and Scott decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend, and have their wedding on July 3rd, a Thursday. What a gorgeous day! We had never been to the Lake House Inn in Perkasie, PA before, so we were really excited to get to a new location. We really enjoy going to new locations, as it is a total blank canvas and we get to create and have fun in a new place.

The details of this wonderful day were totally fab, with luscious floral arrangements literally everywhere - they were done by
Murphy & Kline Floral Studio. The staff at the Lakehouse was running around everywhere, making sure everything was perfect. Robyn, the coordinator at the Lakehouse was super helpful, and even gave me some bandaids when I realized that my new wedding day shoes were doing a number on my poor feet. The thing about new shoes for work is that you don't really have a great way of breaking them in, except to just wear them to a wedding. After Christine and Scott had shared their first glimpse, and we had done some portraits of them and their wedding party - I realized that my feet were a-hurtin'! I pulled my one shoe off and had a humongous blister on it. I was glad for Robyn's help. Usually I carry some bandaids in my bag, but I was totally out, so she came to the rescue.

Just before the ceremony, thunderstorm clouds started rolling in and we were a bit worried about the weather. But the good old Wiebner weather luck held out, and the outdoor ceremony went on as planned. It did make for a really dramatic sky, which Joel got a shot of below during the ceremony.

The reception totally rocked! Everyone was all over the dance floor and we were eating it up! Apparently Scott is normally not much of a dancer, but he was tearin' up the floor that night! Christine kept exclaiming that she didn't know who this strange man was. It was pretty funny. Mark and Chris from Synergetic Sounds, seriously had the floor packed all night. They kept the music flowing and people on the floor - they were really great to work with. And for any of you Mark Wahlberg fans out there - Mark is a dead ringer for him!

The night ended with a bit of a 4th of July touch - guests holding sparklers lined the walkway and Christine and Scott took off towards their hideaway inside the Lake House!

This first shot is totally rad - I grabbed it while the girls were getting ready and really had fun playing with the light and mirrors in this room.
The first glimpse! These two decided to see each other before the ceremony to get some photos done. Scott just couldn't stop smiling when he saw Christine walk over.
The interior of the Lakehouse is spectacular - we had to use some of the great interior decor before we headed outside.
Down by the lake, we got the wedding party involved.
So many great details! Fans were set up on the chairs for the guests during the ceremony.
And the florist had a great pink gerbera daisy display in front of one of the windows with all of the seating arrangements.
Christine and her dad anxiously awaiting the trip down the aisle.
Told you that sky rocked. What a spectacular view!
Ok, you can't really tell what is going on in this pic, but I have to elaborate cause it was funny. Scott went to break the glass, and it slipped right out from under his foot and went flying across the ground. That is what produced these wonderful reactions. :)
Scott's sister isn't quite so sure about this hors d'oeuvre - I think they were all scrumptious though!
The reception interior was eye pleasing.
Scott, still smiling, as he danced with his beautiful bride.
The colors in this shot are just wow! Love them!
Christine with her mom and grandma, they were all so cute together!
Had to put these two in here! We did Kelly and Greg's wedding last summer, and they were guests here at this wedding! Plus, we did Kelly's sister's wedding the day after this one, on July 4th - but that will be coming soon!
These guests were all having a blast as you can see. Here they are showing off for the videographer!
At the very end, just before the sparklers came out - one of the last songs was from Dirty Dancing, "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" - and Christine and Scott were doing a little recreating of the dance from the movie. It was too cute!
Ah yes, night over! Congrats guys!
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