My first time in Utah - Alone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 - "Just Because" Portraits

So yeah, I haven't been blogging lately - Rita has been doing most of it. She is a slave driver and has had me hard at work. As part of our June travels, I traveled (solo!) to Salt Lake City, Utah for a corporate event. Bonnie, the Studio Coordinator for Impact Unlimited, hired us to travel to Utah to photograph their trade show booth and party they held for clients. They wanted the "Wiebner" touch to capture some candids of the booth participants and the partygoers. The booth was a great take on the game show Deal or No Deal. They even had their own Howie. After I grabbed some shots at the trade show I took a train a few blocks to The 23rd Floor for a little party. This was more familiar territory for me, and I had a great time photographing the event. It was a little weird being without Rita, since we almost always photograph together, but I managed just fine. :)

Here is the trade show booth...

And your host for the evening...

Playing the game.

The guests at the party were treated like Hollywood Stars. They even walked the red carpet.

There were palm readers, tarot card readers, and even a portrait artist there to treat the party goer's like movie stars.

One of the signature drinks of the party... The Fuzzy Fundance!

Did I mention the Salsa Dancers? DF Dance Studio put on an amazing display of Latin Dancing. They also stuck around to dance and give lessons. The place was really hopping all night.

The caricaturist hard at work.

This was the view from the room after the sun set. Salt Lake City is beautiful, and I can't wait to get back to really check the place out - hopefully with Rita and the kids next time. :)

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