Courtney and Evan along the Susquehanna River

Monday, July 7, 2008 - Weddings
Oh I just love Courtney and Evan. We had so much fun with them last summer for their Engagement Session in Cape May, we couldn't wait until their wedding! They are so fun, laid back and casual - it was totally go with the flow for their wedding day which is rare to find! So June 21st, their wedding day, was a seriously fun day. We started out with some quick getting ready and a few portraits over at their house - of Courtney and her man of honor, her best friend Mark. There wasn't a lot of hustle and bustle - just calm getting ready, since it was just the two of them. We did have some drama though, Courtney had forgotten to pick up her bouquet that morning - but luckily the florist took it along to the ceremony site at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. We also had a bit of a dress mishap, but you can find out what happened with that below. Nothing major - but Courtney's face is priceless!

There was a short and sweet ceremony and then we walked from the Capitol to the Civic Club on Front Street for the reception. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll with Courtney and Evan, creating some relaxed portraits as we walked. These two are so cas with each other - but have so much love for each other - they have been together 10 years! and are FINALLY getting married. Everyone was joking about it throughout the day.

The weather was so nice that at the last minute (well not really, but the day before the wedding) - they decided to have the reception outside on the lawn of the Civic Club rather than inside the ballroom. The weather WAS awesome and the setting along the river was really spectacular. Everyone enjoyed cocktails, a yummy meal and mingling through the evening.

And without further ado, here are the pix! Of course there are more details about the day below...

Courtney's best man, Mark, looking up to see if she is ready was just me and her hangin' upstairs until she got in her dress, it was good times.
This is the face. Courtney, I am sorry honey, but I had to blog this moment! Mark was helping her hook her dress in the back, and just at this moment, we all heard a loud POP! and the snap broke! Courtney was terrified, and we all had a panic moment. Luckily the zipper was a good one, and held tight enough that she didn't need the hook at the top. Whew!
A beautiful Courtney in her bedroom window - she wore a fabulous gown and birdcage veil.
Ah, there's the man. Evan was a little nervous before the ceremony, but we tried to get him to loosen up by what else? cracking some jokes and picking on each other! he was relaxed in no time. :)
This is the fabulous Courtney smile we all love. She just has THE most infectious smile. You can't help but smile back and start giggling.
Courtney was dropped off for the ceremony on 3rd street, right at the bottom of the Capitol steps. She was so nervous about walking all of the way up those steps. Mark was there for moral support.
Inside the Rotunda for the ceremony - what a shot, huh?
I love this shot. This was during our journey down to the Civic Club - it's funny though, as Joel was getting these images ready, we looked at their engagement photos and we have an almost identical shot from their engagement session - it's a good look for them. :)

Click HERE if you want to see that engagement shot.
Hehe...I couldn't help myself. I love this statue on Front Street, and need to use it from time to time. We were having some good times with this guy...
Another one I love, I think Courtney looks like she is trying to be shy and not look at Evan. It's funny because she is definitely not shy!
A great view of the reception area right on the river.
Courtney had a bunch of her engagement photos set up around the cocktail area inside the Civic Club. I always love seeing our photos displayed!
Evan was enjoying some cooling off time once we got back from photos - a chair, a drink and AC - who needs more?
Courtney and her niece were so cute!
Here she is again, all alone with her doll.
Ok, and this is a different niece, but a cutie too!
Courtney with her grandma.
A first dance together at sunset, this was such an amazing location for photos.
This is a great capture of Evan's dad - he was watching as Evan danced with his mom.
After all of the formalities were over, it was time to chill - everyone had a great time hanging out and talking!
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