Zaney Zoo turns 5

Monday, June 16, 2008 - Personal
Last Sunday, before we left for vacation - the Zipster (Zane our youngest!) - turned 5. He has been counting down the days. Seriously. I don't know why it is such a momentous age for a kid, but Zane was driving us all crazy for literally months before this day! He was all smiles and raring to go the morning of his birthday. We have been to numerous birthday parties in the last few years - our own kids, and then their friends and classmates - so we know that there is usually one place you want to stay away from for a birthday party. Chuck E Cheese. But where did we have this 5 year old's party? At Chuck E Cheese of course!! Because we were leaving for vacation 2 days after Zane's birthday, I didn't want to have a huge mess at our house and have to worry about cleaning - both before and after the party. We have been there and done that with both of the kids numerous times, and it is just so much work. For busy people such as us, it just isn't practical. So against my initial better judgment - we went the Chuck E Queso (as Joel calls it) route. I have to tell you, it went off without a hitch. We were on a Sunday and I picked a noon spot because I knew that the afternoons are usually soooo busy in there. It wasn't too busy- we didn't have too many kids there, and everything just went sooo smoothly! Our hostess Christine, was awesome and helped out with everything - and the kids just had a blast. I actually got to enjoy myself for once instead of having to run around like crazy!

I was just so pleased with how it all turned out - we will probably end up doing Haydn's there in August as well. Although Christine did tell me that summer parties are usually easier because there aren't as many people there - usually everyone is out having pool parties and such because its the summer - so for you winter birthday folk out there - the C to the C (Chuck to the Cheese) might be busier or more crazy during winter months.

Anyway, some highlights from the day - below is the birthday boy! He was so happy! :)
Daddy getting in on the action and helping Zane smile for a photo.
Boy, we don't look tired do we? We have been cramming for like 2 weeks to try and get caught up and ahead before we leave for vacation - I think the bags under our eyes prove it!
Zipster playing a game.
And moi watching from the sides.
Haydn the always too cool for school kid, showing his cousin Victoria a photo ID card he just made in one of the games.
Ah, pizza time! Zane with one of his best buds, Jaxxon from preschool.
This is Zane's cool kid pose.
And Haydn not to be outdone, needs to strike his cool kid pose too.
Zane receiving his birthday medal.
Oh yeah, cake time!
Zane screamed when he saw it!
5 lucky years. :)
The shy smile we love.
Mr. Chuck E himself!
One of Zane's presents, he was running around poking people with this!
And a cutesy lovey hug from daddy for his birthday! Kingston snagged this one.
Kingston, was, er, um..AHEM...late. :) So we made him a feast he had all to himself at his table from the leftovers.
And my sister - was so cute - she saw all of the other kids playing games and she wanted to as well! For those of you who do not know, she has a mental disability - so she is the always the ever-smiling loving kid, she was having a blast with the skee ball!
And I swear, I need to blow this shot up to like 30x40 and hang it above my desk - this is my parents and my sister, just perfectly represented to a T. Joel grabbed this and when he showed me I nearly cried. It's just something so simple, but it is a true representation of the relationship between my parents and my sister. I just love it. :)
So that is that - another birthday passed through for the Wiebners. Off to Disney....WAIT! Disney? Yep, you got it, blogging from there right now.... :) (I have a portrait session to post yet and then the fun of the last week! Sweet!)
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