100 Degrees + An Ice Cream Truck = Amy & Kyle's Wedding!

Friday, June 27, 2008 - Weddings
Amy and Kyle, Kyle and Amy...what can I say about these two? First I have to say, Amy's attention to detail is absolutely magnificent. I could have blogged 60 photos from this wedding, but we had to cut it down, so some of the details were left out over some better shots with awesome expressions and that helped to tell the story of the day.

We first had fun with these two last summer, when we went to Cape May, for their Engagement Session. We all got along fabulously, and were super excited when we met with them for their final meeting before the wedding. Amy kept on pouring out detail after detail of all of this cool stuff she was going to have at the wedding. We couldn't wait!!!

What none of us counted on, was the unbearable heat that took over on June 7th, their wedding day. It had to be the hottest day of the year for Central PA, I think with temperatures near 100 degrees or just over. Definitely one of our hottest weddings ever. But Amy, looking ever so elegant, charged the heat with a smile, and although we were all super hot, her, Kyle and their wedding party braved the heat for some totally rockin' portraits after the ceremony. We had a lot of time to shoot, and for nearly an hour, we walked around down near Riverfront and the surrounding streets - in some of the same spots we had been the night before for Maria and Rob's session. Not liking to do the same thing twice, we found completely different spots from the night before. That's what I love about what we do - it's one of our favorite things. Creative challenges. Taking something you have seen many times and reinventing it again and again. No two weddings or shoots are ever the same, and neither are the locations! We love it!

Amy and Kyle were having so much fun - that the time just flew by and they didn't even mind the heat. Once finished with our fun downtown, we went to the uber-sweet, Milestone Inn, where Amy was at that morning for preparations - for the reception. I love that place. The interior is amazing and I could shoot there all day - every little nook and cranny is rocktacular. I love old stone buildings, and this one is it!

The reception was just simply...unforgettable. It started off with the whole wedding party walking in to a huge bubble shower, (as in bubble machines!) and after dinner, in normal north-central PA tradition, the dollar dance was one like we have never witnessed before. Half of the guests were up singing to Amy and Kyle for the entire dance, they were circling and dancing around them, it was so cool. I know some people think the dollar dance is cheesy or corny, but from where we come from, it's expected. AND...we always get awesome shots from it! So don't knock the dollar dance people! It makes great shots...

As if the great dollar dance wasn't enough, Amy had arranged for an ice cream truck to come during the reception and give everyone ice cream. Totally a first for us! It couldn't have been arranged for a better day either. With the heat, everyone was in need of it!

We ended the night with some fun shots at the ice cream truck - and were sad to go. We had such an amazing day with these two, we didn't want it to end! Thank you both for being such wonderful genuine people. It was truly a joy to be part of your day. Much love!

Now are you ready for photos, finally? I think I am done rambling. Here is a shot as we started our day at the Milestone...
Amy's colors were pink and green and she used them everywhere, totally perfectly!
Her maid of honor looking over her toast while Amy was getting her hair done and the other girls were giggling in the background.
One of my favorite moments captured ever. Amy was just totally stunning in her dress.
I think they are a little excited, don't you?
Utilizing another suite at the Milestone, I loved this window and this shot.
Different window, different photographer - Joel's portrait of Amy.
The church - Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament on 3rd street. We had photographed Ali and Brad's wedding here back in 2006. That was another great wedding!
The handsome Kyle, hidden amongst the brush.
Traditional Catholic ceremony, the priest gave a great homily, including facts about Kyle and Amy - they were both confirmed at the same church on the same day as teenagers!
They were so super cute during the ceremony, stealing little glances here and there, and I was lucky to snag this of them clenching on to each other at one point during the ceremony.
Married! And now out into the heat!
Kyle is soo stylin' here with his shades and...bouquet?
I loved this shot, and knew it would make an awesome moody black and white. The sky was awesome over the Susquehanna River.
Yes, Amy was climbing around for us!
Sweet kicks!
Lots of awesome portraits...these two are so photogenic, even in 100 degree heat.
Kyle's sportin' the Irish pride, Amy's wedding gift to him.
Time to cool off, have a beer and get bustled.
Kyle has a little bit of a deviish smile there doesn't he?
The tent looked fabulous, Amy hired a decorator to come in and spruce up the tent.
I got soo many great shots during their first dance together, but this was one of my favorites.
Amy and her dad, it was a soft emotional dance.
Kyle was in charge of giving the "it's quits" sign - Amy finally convinced him to give in.
I told you there was singing! This was the group that started it during the dollar dance. Love all of their expressions!
Money, money, money!
Kyle was definitely having fun during the dollar dance.
Amy...not so much...
Ice cream, who wants ice cream?
Amy had the first cone!
Amy and Kyle even got into an arguement over what type of ice cream they should get together. First married love spat!
I think they made up... :)
What a sweet and delicious ending to a perfectly hot day!
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