Red and White and in Love all over - Maria and Rob

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - Engagements
So when we did this session, I had not met either Rob or Maria yet. Joel had initially met with Maria last year, so this was truly a "getting to know you" session for all of us. We always like to have as much fun as possible with engagement sessions, and I knew we would as soon as we started working with these two. I asked Maria what she was going to use her engagement pics for, and she said, "Nothing special, I just want to be on the blog!" That's always a good sign. :) So we took a bunch of fun stuff just for the two of them to have. I have been dying to get these up on here as we just had such a great time with these two. We are really looking forward to their wedding in August.

Maria wanted some shots along riverfront in Harrisburg, so that was where we started and just walked from there. The funny thing was, is that we were going to be on riverfront again, the next day! for Amy and Kyle's wedding, but that is a different story, soon to be revealed.

It was starting to get hot and steamy for this session, not in a passionate way (although these two WERE hot for each other!) - but in a let's sweat to death way. It was a challenge to not be soaking wet, but we all managed to come through, well...just a bit glistening. :)

One of the coolest things for me, and I know I am a huge super cornball dork - Maria's hair matched Rob's shirt! It was one of the first things I noticed and I had to say something right away. It was just so awesome. Their colors all went perfectly together - and they were fun and funky and ready to do what we wanted, even though it required getting sweaty...I have to point out up top - Joel found this little army guy figurine as we were shooting, so he had to use it for a shot. We are really just big kids, didn't you figure that out by now?

Along with the army guy, I found a perfect little chalk heart drawn on the top of a column. I had to use it!
Sunset...what a ooeygooey, loveydovey, light-tastic time!
Here we were all laughing because the riverboat matched Rob's shirt.
Loooove this one.
Woot woot! Give it up for Joel - what a cool shot!
And yes, I asked them to dance around like fools - sorry guys, I couldn't resist.
Probably my favorite shot from the shoot. I just love what the two of them got going on. So sweet.
Moving away from icky sticky riverfront. We strolled the alleys...
Found a fire escape of course...
Who doesn't lay on the sidewalk and kiss? Come on, for real?
And as twilight set in, we found a cool spot with some street light. Rock on guys! Can't wait until August!
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