2 dogs + 2 People, Christine & Scott's Engagement!

Sunday, June 22, 2008 - Engagements
Christine and Scott made the drive up from outside of Philly area to have us take some special shots of them and their poochies - since they won't be able to have the dogs at their wedding in a few weeks. What cute little guys they were! Sam and Louie were in several of the shots, but when they weren't, Christine's mom was along to keep an eye on them. It's always great to have a 3rd person along when pets are involved in a shoot.

We walked in the vicinity surrounding our studio, and found some great spots we haven't found before. That is what I really love about being in the city. You can go in any direction, and find something completely different from what you found before. We have had many city shoots in the last several months, and not one of them looks anything like the others. It's the best!

So apparently Scott doesn't like having his photo taken, which we didn't find out until the end of the shoot. We never would have guessed it! Him and Christine were so natural together, it never showed. Oh and Sam and Louie were natural hams of course! If we could get them to stop barking for about 10 seconds, we were lucky. :) But it made for some great doggie expressions!

Can't wait until your wedding guys!

Joel found this shot...funny...
Getting some doggie groove going on.
Love this one. We found this really cool wall to use for a bunch of shots.
Smooshie face photo, I know. But it's cute.
"Man, if you stick that camera in my face one more time... Can't you see a dog is tired here?"
Sam and Louie were trying to pull Scott away from Christine. I don't think it was working though.
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