Go Penn State! Meredith and Mike's Engagement

Thursday, June 19, 2008 - Engagements
The other week we went up to State College to hang out with Meredith and Mike. Their wedding is coming up in August in Altoona - and we decided to all get together and have some fun playing around with an engagement session. Mike and Meredith met at Penn State, so they were anxious to get there and hit some of the spots they remember.

We started off rolling around in the grass - where we had a debate about "nose pinchers" - i.e. maple tree noses. I am sure there is a scientific name for them, but this is the PA local term for them. :) Meredith stuck one on Mike's nose and we all had a good laugh at Mike's expense. Sorry Mike!
We took a nap...
We found this tree that had great roots, and we stuck Mike and Meredith in it.
And another awesome tree!
As we walked through the buildings, I saw this in the rear of one of them - there were steps and a ramp leading down to a storage area. I saw this cool overhead shot, and asked Mike and Meredith to humor me. The perspective is kind of funky, huh?
Inside the library, we had a lot of fun! Playing in the books...
Goofing off...Mike is Meredith's Superman!
Woohoo! Making out in the library!
And some serious reading.
The stairwells in the Stacks.
You can't go to Penn State and not have a photo taken with the infamous Nittany Lion. We had some fun with it!
Over in the Athletic building it got steamy...
...and rambunctious! Mike and Meredith actually met in a martial arts class - so they showed us some of their moves. They put on quite a show for us!
And tumbled into a ball of laughter. We had an awesome time guys! See you soon!
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