Oh MY! Haydn graduates Kindergarten!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - Personal
I feel so old. Seriously - Haydn graduated from Kindergarten a few weeks ago. Since he goes to a small private Catholic school, they brought the entire school down to the auditorium for the ceremony. I didn't take too many pics, I was too busy blubbering. I wouldn't normally cry at something like this - but the mom factor took over, and the fact that they played "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (the IZ version) as the kids came in - got to me. That silly song, every time I hear it I start to cry. So needless to say I didn't take too many photos, and I just had the point and shoot along. It was a cute little ceremony. They sang a few songs, the kids all got a diploma, and they got to wear a graduation cap. They also were asked to state what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Joel and I were all excited, because Haydn always talks about being a photographer or a movie-maker (as he says it!) - but obviously all of the boys decided it was the "cool" thing to be a policeman, so Haydn stated he wanted to be a police officer. We of course will be happy with whatever he decides to do with his life and support him in any way possible. We already know that he will be something great - he is a very, very take charge kind of kid. He will march right into a group of kids and start telling them what to do - he is pretty confident. :)

So a few shots...sniff, sniff....

A wide shot of the ceremony, we were sitting right behind the first graders so that is them standing on the floor, and some of Haydn's classmates were singing. Haydn is all the way on the left side in the blue and brown striped shirt. Last name Wiebner, at the end of the line of course!
The whole class after the program, there were like a zillion parents trying to take this shot so the kids are looking all over the place.
Haydn and his teacher.
Haydn and one of his best girl-friends, er, um, friends :) from Kindergarten.
And the Wiebner crew. Off to 1st grade next year!
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