The Campsite Wedding Reception...Featuring Mikey and Nicole!

Sunday, June 8, 2008 - Personal
So a round of congratulations are in order. Joel's brother Mike, and his fiance Nicole - are- married! Yay! I finally have a sister-in-law and its great! Mike proposed to Nicole last September, in a secret proposal that we helped plan. They had talked about doing a big wedding, but I just knew it didn't fit them, and they were looking for something more low key. Well out of the blue, the Friday before Memorial Day, they went off to the JP and got hitched! I know some of the family was a little disappointed because they couldn't be there - heck we would have loved to have been there too! - but we totally respect their wishes and are just thrilled to pieces to have Nicole as a part of the family. So anyway, we joked all weekend, because we felt like we were along on their honeymoon, even though we had had this camping trip planned for a little while. Since they didn't have an all out wedding, we decided to at least give them some of the best part of a wedding - cake! At the last minute, we decided to grab a cake for these two so we could have a little "camping reception" for them. We just bought a cake at the grocery store while we were buying food for camping - and had them cut the cake! The kids got in on the action too!

It totally started out innocent enough...
But look at the devil in Nicole's can just see she isn't gonna play nice...
Yep, there we go.
Ah yes, payback...
Mrs. M!
Our poor cake, it had been in the heat all morning, and it wasn't looking too happy by the time we busted it out. The layers actually started sliding...
Eating some more...
Yes, that is Haydn in the background videotaping the whole thing with the point and shoot.
Awwww....a Mr. and Mrs. Cake Smooch!
And after the boys totally wrecked the rest of the cake, they fed Nicole too! We love you guys and are so glad we got to spend your "honeymoon" weekend with you!
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