Nate and Ashley are back! Hershey love baby!

Thursday, June 5, 2008 - Weddings
Oooohhh! It's been getting so good around here lately! Another of our favorite couples is married! I am sure you all totally remember Nate and Ashley from their downtown winter engagement session back in January. Their wedding day finally came on May 24th and we couldn't have enjoyed their day more! We are so lucky to be working with so many wonderful and loving couples lately! I feel like I need a great big Wiebner group hug! Come on, give us some love - you know you want to! Ok lovefest over. :)

Ashley and Nate had a sort of destination wedding - Ashley's family is from the State College area and Nate's family is from here in Lancaster - so Hershey was picked as sort of an in-between place. Hershey is becoming more and more popular as a "destination" type place - it's a beautiful town. For this day, we were at the Trinity Lutheran Church, which just so happened to be 1 block away from the reception venue, the lovely Hersey Theatre. Bridgit the coordinator at the theatre, is just so wonderful, we were excited to be working with her again! The theatre looked absolutely stunning, as Ashley brought in a wonderful team of floral designers, Narbers Floral Companyfrom her hometown. They also did an amazing job of making the church look extraordinary - some of the best church decor I have seen to date.

But on to the couple, because that is really what made this day something special. Nate and Ashley are just one of those couples. They are cute. I hate to say it, but yes, they are cute. They snuggle, they laugh with each other, and they do all of those cutesy little things that two young people totally in love do together. I couldn't get enough of it all day. It was hard to not shoot a gazillion photos of them! Nate was funny before the ceremony as he was super jealous that we had gotten to see Ashley before he did! He was really nervous too, so we were trying to make him feel at ease by joking around. Ashley looked just amazing in her gown and everyone oohed and aahed when she was finally in her dress.

The ceremony was really special and emotional as Nate's dad was the officiant for the ceremony. He tried making it through without getting emotional, but just couldn't do it. I don't blame him, I know if it was me up there and I was officiating over the marriage of one of my I would be a mess! I probably wouldn't be able to utter a word. There is just such a strong bond between parents and kids - and I know this sounds cliche, but for those of you who don't have children yet, it's hard to understand.

After the tearful ceremony we were whisked away to the theatre to have some alone time with our lovely couple. We joked, laughed, made faces, had fun - the whole she-bang. The time was too short, as we both could have shot portraits of them all day. The reception was not to be missed though, as it was a fun-filled, light-hearted reception spread across 3 levels of the theatre. As the night came to an end, we snuck away with Nate and Ashley for one last shot...

We feel so privileged and blessed to have been a part of Nate and Ashley's journey - we wish you guys both the best!

Like I said earlier, Ashley was just stunning in this dress. I loved this window in her dressing room.
Joel's take in a separate section of their suite.
The flower girls' pomanders.
The church and the lovely sky.
Joel had the guys all set up, and then was like, "Open your jackets!" and I snagged this shot of them struggling with their jackets. I just think its kind of funny.
I can tell how nervous Nate was just by this photo! I think its a great portrait though and I am sure he will look back at it and remember that time before the ceremony. His guys were in the background just coming out to get him for the ceremony! it's showtime!
Joel felt really lucky to have been there for this. He said it's not often anymore that he sees a group of guys praying before the ceremony, but on this wedding day, everyone had a deep faith, and it showed throughout the day.
Ashley starting to tear up as she is getting ready to walk down the aisle. Her dad and her sister are trying to comfort her.
During the ceremony, one of Nate's groomsmen performed on his guitar the entire congregation sang along. Nate was a little teary from it.
Some of the beautiful ceremony decor.
Isn't that just one of the most beautiful smiles ever? The smile of true love?
Just married, they are beaming from ear to ear, and the nerves are washed away.
On the way to the theatre.
See...THEATRE. :)
Sooooo gorgeous inside!
And look at that cake!!
Ah hah! The fun begins!
I totally didn't even try this shot - Ashley lifted her dress to start walking and I was like, hold on a sec. - got down and grabbed this and then realized Nate was standing perfectly in the background. Love those shoes!
Too much fun...
A cool little detail from this wedding - outside of the theatre, Nate and Ashley had us custom design movie posters for them to display - we used one of their engagement photos...they turned out soooo freakin' cool! Here's the happy couple staring at - themselves!
This was the movie poster - we wanted to show you guys what it really looked like without the glass in front of it.
Let's get this party started!
Grandparents checking out what's on the menu.
Ok, you can't tell this by this shot, but they had just cut the cake and were ready to feed each other and Ashley was like, "No, that piece is way too big!" So Nate put it back down and cut it in half just for Ashley!
Still a big mouthful - it looks like Nate got the bigger piece!
A tender first dance...
We both just think this shot is hilarious!
Now this shot might get us in trouble, but it was worth it! For our last shot we snuck down in to the theatre seating area and grabbed a couple of final moments.
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