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Monday, June 2, 2008 - Weddings
I don't want to sound like we have an ego, so please don't take it that way! But, Alison and Robin's wedding was wonderful, magical, fantastical, extraordinary and everything in between! And it was all thanks to us! No I am just kidding - totally! But I feel that we did play a little part in how comfortable the two of them were in front of the camera. One thing we always tell all of our clients is how utterly important an engagement session or pre-wedding portrait session is. This is for several different reasons, but one of the most important, is that by having us photograph them before the wedding and get to know them better, they are totally comfortable with us and trust us for the wedding day. Such was the case with Alison and Robin. I knew Alison had wanted to do an engagement session, but I got the feeling it was something she needed to talk Robin into doing. Alison won out of course - doesn't the woman always? :) And we photographed them while they were in town back in February.(Click here for fun engagement session!) They ended up loving the photos from the session, which we were happy about, but even more importantly, on the wedding day - the two of them were a dream to photograph! They were completely comfortable with us photographing every little moment, laugh, smile, tear - and Robin even said to us, which totally made my day - how he was so glad they had decided to do the engagement session. While we were working on some portraits of him before the ceremony, he out and said it - "You know, you guys are so right!" - About how important the e-session is. In getting to my point, it pleases me to hear when our clients see the benefit of things like this. Just take a look at the photos below - it was soooo hard for us to pick blog photos, we had so many great ones!

The wedding day itself was a whirlwhind, with impending rain lurking about - but luckily the good old Wiebner perfect weather luck held out and we were able to do all of the outside shots we had planned. The ceremony was at the Unitarian church in Lancaster, which we had never photographed at before and was beautiful! - and the reception was held at one of our favorite local locations, Riverdale Manor. I have to get all of my shouts in to my vendors - the cake was to FREAKING-DIE-FOR :) - it was so gorgeous! and was done by The House of Clarendon.

Ok, ok, enough of my jibbering, on to the photolicious treats! Alison below here in her room at her mom's house, putting her jewelry on as a bridesmaid looks on in the background...
Alison was doing some really awesome stuff with her veil all day - and it was all so totally natural! Here she is as her mom was first putting it in that morning.
Her and Robin decided to see each other before the ceremony - initially they had planned for it to be at the church, but they were worried about the weather for later that afternoon, so they moved it to her mom's house so they could get some outside shots in the backyard. Those bridesmaids made sure Robin didn't get a peak in before it was time!
The first glimpse!
The wind was totally working in our favor as we did some solo shots of Alison after Robin headed back to the church. I love playing with veils!
We left Alison minutes after that last shot and headed off to the church to get some solos of Robin and then him and the guys. Joel found this small sliver of light in the walkway next to the church - and used it fantastically!
Now waiting for the ceremony to start!
I loved this shot of the flower girl! She was hesitant all of the way down the aisle, and then she saw her dad and stopped cold - here he is trying to gently usher her up to the front. I guess all of those guys waiting up there were scary for her!
Starting to get emotional...
This little guy was all smiles though!
Just as the vows were being said and rings exchanged, these two started to tear up! Imagine that! The best part is what you can't see - and I am sorry to tell and not show, but the officiant was actually Alison's aunt, and the shot I got right after this I was focused on her, and she has this beautiful smile, as she too, was getting just as emotional as Alison and Robin!
One kiss is never enough - one more for the crowd!
Tears still flowing...Alison and her younger brother...
Over at the reception it was now time to party on - Alison enjoys some of the yummy stuff as we waited for family members to arrive for some photos.
Alison was hamming it up with the kids... once...
...and twice...this is one of my favorites of the day! I just love all of the activity - Alison looking at the baby, as Robin tries to tame the veil...
Some fun alone - Robin looks so serious!
I *think* that the hankie tied around Alison's spring-a-licious bouquet was her grandmother's, but don't quote me on that! That's one detail I couldn't remember to the tee. Maybe Alison will comment below and tell us!
Nose snuggles. They are the best.
More veil fun - I swear I haven't had this much fun with a veil in like forever!
Now for the real party - with all of those four letter word "posed" pix out of the way, everyone let loose! Robin and Alison actually had a whole dance routine going on - this was a great capture!
Gasp! Look at that cake!
Robin's mom dancing with his dad, they were tearing up the dance floor!
There were soooo many cute kids at this wedding!
I told you so!
Yeah, this is the, "We had too much to drink and this sounds like a good idea" photo. :)
Joel snagged this and I love it. Love it! Especially his one little eye poking in the corner there.
Alison was bustin' a move!
After the reception at Riverdale ended, these two weren't done - they rented out the upstairs of the fabulous Annie Bailey's, and the party continued! Alison asked us to come over and grab a few last shots...
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