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Sunday, June 1, 2008 - Personal
These photos aren't anything special or spectacular, but they are "Just Because" photos. They are just because you haven't seen the two little hams lately, and I felt the need to post some photos so you all know they still exist! We have had a very busy last few weeks, and we have a TON of stuff to blog in the coming weeks, but I wanted to make sure to recognize these two very important guys - our little Haydn and Zane. They will both have birthdays this summer - Zane will be 5 actually next week, and Haydn will be 7 in August. Boy how time flies. I still remember 5 years ago how tiny they were as Joel and I were married - yep it's 5 and 10 this year for us - 5 years married, and 10 years together! That is besides the point - so on to the real point.

As school came to a close, the boys both had their spring programs at school. The theme of Zane's was baseball- so he was a little baseball player, and Haydn's was about the holidays. His class had President's Day to sing about, and thus the patriotic attire! I just love watching their little faces light up as they scan the crowd looking for us among all of the other parents. It's like magic - that second that they catch my eye - and then the second later, they start waving furiously to make sure that we see them up there on stage. Haydn is "too cool" for this now, as he is almost 7, but I remember when he too, like Zane now - were so thrilled to see us in the crowd.

They are getting so big I can hardly stand it! Haydn is almost as tall as me - yeah only 7 and nearly 5 foot already! He's not going to take after his daddy at ALL! :) Zane isn't too far behind, and we are excited because he will be tall enough this summer to ride all of those 48" and above rides at the amusement parks. Can't wait! I felt so bad for him last summer when he couldn't ride the coasters. He cried as he had to watch Haydn go on and he was left behind. Oh those little memories! Anyway, I am SOO rambling now, so here are a few pics from their spring programs at school - all taken with the point and shoot by the way - so apologies on the quality!

First up here is the cool kids themselves. Obviously you can see Haydn is totally too cool for this photo.
Inside prior to Zane's program, Haydn and Joel were playing around with the camcorder and the camera - oh and I sooo lied! This one was taken with the SLR! Sorry about processing though, didn't have time to run them through the usual Wiebner look!
Zane after they were done, caught him just in time- he was ready to be up and outta there!
At Haydn's program the next week, we were waaaay in the back - this one was done with the point and shoot, at like High ISO, no flash, yada, yada, yada. At least you can tell it's him! (3rd from left!)
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