Angela and Kurt - May 10th

Sunday, May 18, 2008 - Weddings
What can I say about this totally rock-a-licious wedding?!?! You may remember Angela and Kurt, from their engagement session last fall - since we had such a good time with them during that session we were really pumped up for this wedding. Especially since Angela kept telling us about all of the fun details she was going to be having. Like that fantastical color blue! Every time I looked at it during this wedding it made me think of cotton candy. The girls bouquets went with the dresses perfectly, and I just loved, loved loved the color palette!

We had some strange weather that weekend - with it pouring all day Friday, and then looking like it was going to rain all day Saturday. The Wiebner luck held out, and we didn't have any rain to ruin any of the plans. The ceremony was smooth as glass, and afterwards we went to the Ephrata Cloister for some fun pix of Angela, Kurt and their friends. In fact, just as we stepped out to start taking photos at the Cloister, the sun burst through the clouds, and the skies were blue. The first time that day! Again, the Wiebner magic came through! (Knock on wood, but we happen to have VERY good luck with weather at weddings - in the 6ish years we have been doing this, we have only had weather not go our way a handful of times!) Anyway, after some fun at the Cloister, it was off to Netherlands Inn, or should I say Historic Strasburg Inn? in Strasburg, PA. Apparently it has reverted to its original name of the Historic Strasburg Inn - fairly recently from what we found out. Angela had put on a totally glam birdcage veil for the reception, and we got a few shots of her and Kurt with it as well. We were only able to capture the beginning of the dancing before we were scheduled to leave, but we did get to see just a bit of THE MAN, DJ Freez who we found out has been doing a lot of club stuff in Miami recently. He is super talented, and if you want your reception to pulse like a dance club, he is the one to get!

We ended up doing a ton of really great portraits for Angela and Kurt's day, so those are a lot of our favorites below!
Angela was sooooo breathtaking in her dress - just gorgeous!
One of my personal faves - and this one's for Kurt, who loves dogwoods - but the bee-u-tiful Angela under this blossoming tree.
Kurt chillin a bit before we started some pix.
Man I loved those tuxes - shaa-aaarr-ppp!
Wow, it's been awhile since I have done a fun ring shot. But here is one - Angela had those little wedding tissue packets to hand out to the guests - I snagged one and went and grabbed this shot with the rings.
Joel grabbed this just before the ceremony - Angela works at a dental office, and here she is, flossing her teeth! The dentists would be proud!
Just about that time...
Those amazing, amazing bouquets!
After the ceremony, the guests were all given balloons for a balloon release!
Up, up and there they go.
I don't know why, but I just love this shot - for me, it's the guy in the background.
Over at the Cloister, basking in the sun!
Now at Strasburg Inn, don't you just love this?!? My take...
...Joel's take.
This is probably the best I have ever seen this room decorated - simply gorgeous dahling!
A little first dance action...
...Angela jokin' around with the Freez man.
Have to have the garter removal.
And finally a little dancing action!
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