That Brock and Becca....

Friday, May 16, 2008 - Brock and Becca

So I wasn't here for the conversation, but I think it went something like this...

(oh, and this was via IM)

Brock: "Hey Joel"
Joel: "Yeah Brock"
Brock: "I took some cool photos at a warehouse that is getting torn down in town."
Joel: "Oh yeah? Let me see."
Brock: "Okay, here is the link, they are on my blog."

...Joel goes to view photos on blog...

Joel: "Dude, those are sweet."
Brock: "Yeah they are cool. We should do a shoot of me and Bec there sometime."
Joel: "Oh yeah? How bout tomorrow?"
Brock: "Really? Okay, yeah sure!"

So, what's missing from this conversation? The part about asking Rita and Becca if they can do it tomorrow - oh yeah that little detail!! So Joel and Brock made these plans on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday afternoon we were off to the broken down, torn down, warehouse doing yet again some photos of two of our most boring subjects. I am being sarcastic...I am laying it on thick...I hope you get that. :)

We always love photographing these two and we usually do a springtime shoot. So this year it was impromptu, last minute and unplanned. But boy did we have fun and get some great shots! We probably could have shot there all evening, and what started out to be just a quick one hour shoot turned into 2 hours...

Oh, and if you don't remember who Brock and Becca are, check out there shoot from 2007 and 2006

We started off easy...ya know...just sittin' around in a pile of rubble...

Then we went exploring some and found these two cool walls still standing.

I love this one that Joel grabbed.

And we played with some of the blocks. Brock looks like a totem pole in this shot.

Then we found all of these fun lines in the parking lot next to the warehouse. We liked playing with these!

Bec thought she was Wonder Woman!

Love this one too - saweet!

And one of the warehouses was still standing, but abandoned, so we explored it a little bit. This fire escape had a tree growing right up through it! It was really cool looking.

An urban jungle.

Inside we found more coolness that made for some killer black and white shots.

And all of these fire extinguishers were just hanging out together, so we busted up there party.

After we left the building, we were walking back to the car and found this "meadow" amidst all of the rubble.

Joel brought some souvenirs home from the shoot - he found a cool antique Pepsi can, and a Tennessee license plate of all things. Watch out, wide load coming through! (Ok, that was mean, but he's my husband, he can take it!)

And of course, one last shot of Brock as we were driving back to the studio - sporting some pretty swift shades!

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