Biking Across the Continent

Thursday, May 15, 2008 - Personal

I thought this would be a great and inspiring story to share with you all. It was really interesting for us to read about this biker (we both just got mountain bikes!) - and the length he is going to to raise money for his cause. The story was emailed to us by one of our grooms from 2006 - Jared, him and his wife Jessica are one of our special couples - they are so fun and we love them to pieces!

Anyway, here is what Jared wrote:

I made friends with a guy named, Matt Bursey, that is riding his bike 8,000miles/12,000km across Canada and the United States to raise awareness about people with developmental disabilities.

His motivation to begin this journey comes from his sister, who has Down syndrome. The bike trip is an attempt to help others become aware of the hurdles faced by people with disabilities, and at the same time, connect with people across the continent.

I had a local hotel donate a room for him last night and jess and I took him to dinner so that he can recharge before his 2,000 foot climb out of our town and 75 mile ride to Mesa Verde from Telluride. He has some amazing stories including 2 years teaching in Korea and he is only in his mid 20's!! His story is truly inspirational and goes to show that there still are many good people in the world!! I am emailing this because I want to help spread awareness for his cause and hopefully inspire others to help Matt along his trek.

If he is not riding through your town you can donate to his cause at Lawson Ministries

Some links to read about Matt's trek and the cause he is riding for:


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Below is a Map of Matt's trek: