Corrie and Jamie - May 3rd

Friday, May 9, 2008 - Weddings
Our 2nd wedding of the season was spent with Corrie and Jamie - we have already worked with them on several occasions - for their engagement photos last fall, and again just a month or so ago, we photographed some family fun of Corrie and her family. We always love getting to know our couples so well before the wedding day, and felt like a member of the family on the day of the wedding.

We started out at Corrie's aunt's house to get some getting ready fun with her and the girls. The house was packed and everyone was laughing and having a great time. Several of Corrie's cousins were in the wedding, and 2 of them were flower girls and were just too cute!! Once the ceremony was over at the church, we raced over to Riverdale Manor where the reception was held, to get some photos of the family, wedding party, and Corrie and Jamie. We have been at Riverdale several times now, as it is a popular Lancaster area venue, but we always try to do something new every time we go there. That is true of any venue we visit multiple times - we like new and different! So we tromped to the back of the property and had some fun playing in the woods - that's where Mindy, one of the Riverdale coordinators found us when it was time for the reception to start. She laughed at us for being so hidden! The reception started off with a bang as Corrie's brother came out wearing a kilt for his toast. More on that below!

We were rockin' and rollin' at the reception where we captured so many great guest shots - and if you haven't figured it out by now, we really love receptions. It's one of our favorite parts of the day! :)

I loved this first shot as Corrie had just gotten her veil put on and I was hiding in the corner - she said, "Rita, you have to get that!" and I peeked out and this is what I saw...and yes, that's Joel back there!
Corrie's aunt's dog was so cute! Her one cousin was getting her to do tricks for me, I love this one as she got her to roll over.
Corrie's flowers were gorgeous!
Corrie was trying to hurry up and put her makeup on and one of her flower girls kept on trying to sneak peeks in the mirror!
Corrie was trying to peak out and see Jamie as Joel shooshed him in to the church so he wouldn't be seen. :)
I always love it when flower girls have pomanders. They are just great to photograph.
Joel snagged this great shot of Corrie as we were finishing her portraits upstairs.
We weren't permitted to get too many shots during the ceremony (church rules, which we always respect) - but this one was grabbed as the happy couple walked out of the church.
Many congratulations.
And what's a wedding without bubbles?
Over at Riverdale, I love this one of Corrie. Here eyes are so beautiful in this shot!
Hiding back in the woods!
And yes, this is Corrie's brother Nick. Everyone say Hi Nick - He decided to terribly embarrass Corrie by changing into this lovely kilt for the reception. I love his socks. :)
This is one of my personal favorite shots from the day. This was caught while the blessing was being said for the meal, and I just so happened to look down in front of me at the right second and grab this. This little girl and her sister were in the cutest matching polka dot dresses!
During the father/daughter dance, Corrie pulled Jamie out on the dance floor to dance with her dad!
There were so many cute kids at this wedding!
Getting the party started - for sure!
It just so happens that Joel and I both got two really great shots of the gentleman in the center and his son, sitting to his right. This shot is mine, which I just LOVE to pieces. And the next photo is Joel's - caught him using his son's head as a monopod! :)
This little diva was TEARING up the dance floor! She was all over the place and knew so many dance moves, she was putting a lot of the adults to shame!
Gotta have the YMCA!
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