Our Budding Artist

Friday, April 11, 2008 - Personal
So Haydn's homework on Tuesday involved 2 things - drawing a picture of his family - which he did very well, and drawing a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up. As Joel and I sat down with him to work on this (Zane was there also drawing), we didn't say anything to influence him about his "profession". We have talked many times about this with the kids, and we are totally happy with whatever they decide to do with their lives. They are only 4 and 6, so we know that this will probably change many times over the next 10-15 years. Anyway, Zaney is a little pumpkin and I could just squeeze him to pieces - he piped up as he always does stating, "I am going to be an animal doctor when I grow up." He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES animals and is very determined that when he gets older that he is going to buy a building, and I have to quit my job and come help him start his animal doctor business. He is so sweet. And yes, he is only 4. :)

Haydn is our budding photographer. He knows how to work a camera, takes funny photos of him and Zane, and loves doing video, which is even funnier. Maybe he will be a cinematographer or director. He is quite the character. On this particular day, he made us proud and said he wanted to do what we do, and be a photographer. Joel and I smiled at each other as he started to draw his photo. He drew himself first, then a camera. He put the camera on a tripod, drew lights hanging from the ceiling to represent studio lights, and proceeded to draw an entire studio - or "gallery" as we call our space. He drew a photo on the wall, a computer on a desk - complete with keyboard and mouse might I add. He even drew a model against a background that he was taking a photo of. We were quite proud as the ideas kept coming out of him. We kept our mouths shut and let him go with it, and the picture below is his end product.

We couldn't be two more proud photographer parents. :)