Nothing lasts forever

Thursday, April 3, 2008 - Personal
It used to be that we couldn't go anywhere without being seen. People would tell us they saw us getting gas, or driving down Rt. 30 or sitting in the Mickey Dee's drive-thru. The reason for our visibility was obvious. Our car was the exact color of a lightening bug being fried on a bug zapper. We stood out. In fact, we never had to remember where we parked in the Philadelphia Airport parking lot, because even on a foggy day we could pick out our car out of the airplane window as we came in for a landing.

This was a tough decision for us. We loved the green car. The boys called it the Mystery Machine, our friends called it the Wiebner Wagon, to us it was just the green car. It was the exact color of our business cards (unintentionally), so it fit our business well. The memories we made in that car will last us a very long time. So, it was so difficult to admit it was time for a new car. It wasn't like there was anything wrong with it, it was just time.

So here it is... Our last few moments with a family treasure. We'll talk about this car for the rest of our lives. I hope that you will keep it in your thoughts too.

BTW, for our past couples, sorry if it made it into the background of any of your wedding pictures. :)