January in Tampa - ages ago!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry
Another post that has taken me ages to get up - my friends I apologize! At the beginning of January we attended the DWF convention for photographers, as we have done now for the last 3 years. It's always a great time to catch up with old friends, relax, and learn a few things. This year we really learned a lot of life lessons - each year we have gone, we have really had completely different experiences. 2006 we were amazingly inspired, 2007 we networked and met as many people as possible, and 2008 was all about the love. How important client connections are, and really about why we all do what we do, and how sharing our special gift enriches so many lives. Joel and I left the convention humbled and in awe at the power of the words that we heard and the images we saw. We want to give a special shout out to some photographers that did that for us this year at the convention, their seminars were meaningful and left a lasting impression on both of us - our amazing friends and colleagues, Jesh de Rox, David Williams, Greg Gibson, Laura Novak, and Jeff & Julia Woods.

The convention wasn't total seriousness - we did have SOME fun...


Below are just a few pics, we went to karaoke one night, which was awesome! and hung out a lot with our friends. Thanks everyone for making this year's convention so great!

Joel thought the cheeseburger that he got at the karaoke bar looked yummy...
Charlotte Geary
was rocking the karaoke.
The wondertwins, our good friends Sean and Mel McLellan, from Tennessee - we hung out with these two almost the entire trip! We are hoping to vacation with them sometime later this year. They were just in Italy and we were so jealous! They had wanted us to come along but we had too much going on here at the office to go. boo.
Yours truly - cha cha cha.
I love taking photos of Gardner, I always catch the best expressions with him. Here he is joking it up with the lovely Ms. Melisa McKolay.
Ah yes, there is no one else out there like Jeff Newcum
Our main man, JMC
Aw, so huggable! JD and Desiree
Us and the McLellan peeps at the DWF party.
Somehow we were talking about wedding rings - Sean had to illustrate how gi-hugic Joel's wedding ring is.
Now in our 2nd year! The husband/wife team dinner! We all went out to Maggiano's, ate a ton of pasta, Joel's cookies were sabotaged, and a plot was plotted for the first ever Oreo Eating Contest...

Joel' self portrait record still holds at 16 people....next year, we need more!
Us, the McLellans and the Nudds, did the shopping for the Oreo contest...Garrett was in hysterics about how many cookies we were buying...
Sean looks like a crazed man! He didn't get much sleep, so his eyes are like seriously beet red, he's totin' a ton of Oreos, and he has a thing for pirates....

Oh and Chuck Norris too... (inside joke, sorry I had to!)
The bottom two photos are courtesy of the offical Oreo contest photographer - the talented Paul C Johnson. If you REALLY want the full, play-by-play story of the Oreo contest - you MUST visit the Nudds' blog - as Garrett did a phenomenal job of giving all of the details! It was a sight to see!
Joel of course, was the victor!!!
DWF Tampa 2008 - over and out!!!
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