WiebLab #1 - Over and Out!

Monday, March 17, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry
Well it has taken me waaaaay too long to get this post up and I have to apologize to all of our wonderful attendees for that. In my defense, I wanted to wait until everyone had their blog posts up so I could link to them below - I want to show off everyone's great images from the workshop!

WiebLab #1 was held a month ago - gosh I can't believe it was that long already! We had 11 awesome photographers here for our first workshop, and our special guest John Michael Cooper of Alt-F photography. The amount of learning and sharing were amazing and we were so honored to have some really talented photographers in attendance - they all rocked the house at the warehouse shoot we held. (I'll put links to everyone's blogs below.) The WiebLab opened up on Sunday night with a dinner we held at Annie Bailey's - so everyone could get to know each other. Monday and Tuesday were both totally exhausting days - as we had a ton of information to share and go over, and we ended up talking for 12 hours each day. Below are some of the photos to illustrate the entire workshop, I'll give more details throughout the post! We really want to thank everyone for opening up your minds to our thoughts, ideas, and processes! It was an extremely meaningful experience for both Joel and myself to be able to share with others something we are totally passionate about. We live and breathe this business, and are very excited to be able to give back to the industry. We have already gotten some great feedback from our new friends, and we hope to see them all again very soon!

Also, we have already gotten some people email us about when our next WiebLab will be held - we are planning another one for the fall of this year - the final details have not been set yet, but we are hoping to release the information within the next week or so. If you would like to get on the list to get the low down, please send me an email:

Email us for Fall WiebLab Info

Some links to blog posts:

JMC - Warehouse Images
JMC - Lancaster Images
Darah & Siobhan - These two in action!
Darah & Siobhan - Warehouse Images
Jason - Link to Jason's post about the JMC podcast he did while in town.
Rob - Warehouse Images
Joe - Warehouse Images
Zenia - More Warehouse!
Krisha - And even more warehouse images!
Jonathan - Warehouse Shoot Images
Jonathan - Workshop Day 1
Jonathan - Behind the Scenes
Kingston - His site, where there will be images soon. :)

I didn't find any posts for our other two attendees, Erik and Scott, but guys if you have something you want me to link to, let me know and I will! I think that is everyone - lots of great blog reading!

Now, on to our experience...

At dinner the first night...Krisha and Kingston - notice Kingston is rubbing his belly in the background - he was super-starving. I swear all he does is eat. (I can make fun of him, he is a long time friend, and is currently helping us out in the studio - I have the right!) :)
Jonathan and his new sweet toy... a Leica!
Some intense, "getting to know you" conversation with the men.
The "Too cool for school" pose - Joel's brother Mike and his fiance Nicole were some of our models for the shoot on Monday. Here they are practicing their Blue Steel... (if you haven't seen Zoolander
...shame on you!)
Mr. JD! He gives a thumbs up for Lancaster.
John showing off his nifty new Nikon D3.
Kingston....being, well.....Kingston. Oh, and Kingston had the catchphrase of the workshop, "Dude, it's bangin'!" Love ya King!
The next morning we went over a few things at the studio, and then it was off to the warehouse for the shoot. We were able to secure an awesome old warehouse in downtown to do some fun stuff. These next 10 shots are what Joel and I took at the beginning of the shoot - illustrating some different techniques and posing.

One of our Xperiments we had planned - Mike and Nicole were unaware participants. We had given everyone 10-15 superballs, and when they heard the queue word, they all launched them at Mike and Nicole. Made for some great reactions!
Josh and Michele were our other "models" - we photographed their wedding last year, and were very willing and wonderfully cooperative participants for the shoot. Some of our images of them....
After we were finished showing a few things, we broke everyone up into teams and went our separate ways. I was able to get some behind the scenes shots as some of the different teams were photographing. Joel and I helped each of the teams with using alternative techniques in lighting and posing. The warehouse shoot was mainly portrait based. Here is JMC getting some shots with his partner for the shoot, Jonathan - as others look on.
Darah and Siobhan intensely watching the shoot.
John and Jonathan again setting up a shot.
Erik and Scott were having some fun with a wheelbarrow we had found.
Rob working the angles!
And I had no involvement in this - but Kingston REALLY wanted to get a different shot...I could have wrung his neck for this one!
The next day, John spoke for an hour or two about some of his concepts and vision and how he goes about his shots. It was a joy having him there, and we always love hearing him speak. Thanks John!
John showing off one of his Zero Packages.
Jason is just a big teddy bear! I loved this shirt he had on. :) He is a T-shirt king by the way, I had asked him how many he had and I think it is in the hundreds...
Intensely listening and learning...
Our gallery room was converted to a classroom for the workshop - we were packed in there!
The whole crew (minus Zenia who had to leave early) - it had been beautiful the day before, with temps almost in the 60s - by the time we took this shot on Tuesday, it was freezing! Thus, we were huddling for warmth, and everyone was doing great big forced cheesy smiles!
Joel's long arms are good for something! A 13 person self portrait - his record so far is 16. This he did with the 35mm f1.4 @ 2.8 - so the depth of field isn't there, but you get the picture...
And for some crazy reason, the week before the workshop Kingston decided he wanted to see if he could carry Joel around on his back. He decided to wait until the workshop so he could entertain everyone - and here he is carrying Joel around. Do you have any idea of the height and weight difference here? Kingston is 5'7", and around 160 pounds - Joel is 6'6" and 300+ pounds. I don't know how Kingston didn't break his back!
Joel had to prove how mighty he was and picked Kingston up and swung him around like a doll. Those boys... (Kingston and Joel went to college together so they go waaay back.)
And last but not least, us and John - don't we all look exhausted? The end of day Tuesday after everyone said their goodbyes. Thanks again to all who came, it was a totally wonderful experience!
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