Whas-nacht day? It's Fasnacht Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 - Personal

I know what you are saying. I can hear you. Why are the Wiebs posting about eating Donuts? Well, they are not just any donuts. These beautious lovelies are deep-fried loving we here in PA call Fasnachts (foss-nots). We even have a day dedicated to them Fasnacht Day! What in the world is Fasnacht Day!?!? Donut Day is a PA tradition. Actually, it's a Catholic tradition that many Protestant churches also celebrate. Traditionally it's a reason to get rid of all of the animal fat and sugar before Lent, and what better way then to heat it up and make Donuts. mmmMMMMMmmmmm, Seriously can there be a better reason for a holiday?

One last thing before I explain the pics. Every year on Fasnacht day I remember my Great Grandmother. Nana was a treasure in our family. Walking in Nana's door was like signing up for all you can eat goodies. She pretty much either had Christmas cookies, canned fruit or chocolate Easter eggs no matter what time time of year you stopped in. I remember sitting at Nana's house eating peanut butter easter eggs till my jaw hurt from all of the sugar. Well, I mention all of this, because Nana was buried on Fasnacht Day. I think of Nana all the time, but this is the one day I always think of her. She'd be happy that I am eating Donuts and smiling :)

OK, so I guess I got off on a tangent. The point of this post was to thank Brock Martin and Dave Warfel of Infinet Design. They are the reason we had donuts today. Just around lunchtime Brock and Dave stopped by the gallery bearing goodies. Did I mention the Wiebs like goodies? Well, they stopped at Central Market here in Lancaster and bought enough fasnachts to fill us all up. Thanks guys!


Our other visitor today was zippy Zane. Zane and my Mom stopped by with a bowl full of homemade pretzels. Yeah, the Wiebs like goodies :) needless to say we didn't get to eat our REAL lunches today.

Thanks Zaners!

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