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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Goodies make the Wiebs happy. When we were in Tampa a few weeks ago we met a very cool couple of North Dakotian's. Is North Dakotian's a word? Shawna and Kory make up Shawna Noel Photography. Hopefully the little tidbits of photography biz know how that we imparted balance out the goodies they sent us. All of the goodies had to do with North Dakota in some way or other, so we thought we'd share the fun stuff they sent.

Fargo, Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti, Chippers, ice, and a shovel (of course this is a little joke regarding our Traveling Shovel)

Fargo, awesome movie! We don't own this and it's been years since we've seen it, so we are pumped to watch it (as soon as we have down time).

Chippers? Hmmmmm....

We "tested" the Chippers on Zane. He's like the Mikey of our family. Zane will eat anything. Well...

"Here Zane, have a piece of chocolate...



We just want to thank you guys for the awesome gifts. They are much appreciated and they will all go to good use. Some just faster than others. :)

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