Interviewed and Published - The Ventura County Star

Monday, January 28, 2008 - News
Last weekend we received a phone call from a reporter at the Ventura County Star, in California. He was writing an article on the Trash the Dress phenomenon, and was hoping to interview us. Joel gladly gave him an interview and just yesterday, in the Sunday edition, the article ran in the paper. Joel was quoted along with the above photo from Jen and Mike's post wedding session, was published in the online article. Of course we don't live in Ventura, so we didn't actually get to see the printed paper - if there is any blog followers out there that have access to this paper and can get us one, we would -

1. Love you forever. :)
2. Give you a cool thank you gift. :)

We are thrilled to be published once again, and are glad to see the continuing success of artistic wedding photographers around the globe. Check out the THE WIEBNERS in the Ventura County Star!

Oh and before I forget, our good friends over at Trash the Dress (see the link above!) - have a brand spankin new site! It's yummy and full of new images so be sure to check it out!