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Thursday, January 17, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry
I got a phone call yesterday from our friend John Michael Cooper of AltF. He let us know that He and Dalisa be will crashing the Wieblab workshop. Of course we are pumped to have them as guests at our workshop, and I know that all of the attendees will benefit from John's very unique vision of wedding photography. If you are not familiar with JMC you need to go check out his site. He has done some of the most original wedding portraits that I have ever seen. In fact, John's work was a major inspiration for us when we decided that we were going to stop fitting the mold.

This is gonna be sweet :)

Check out John's site for some inspiration - Alt-F
OBTW, The model for this image is completely unharmed and one of our favorite pets. Violet (or Vile-let) is our first and most love-y ratkin. We'd never, ever, never do anything that would put her in harm's way.
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