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Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - Weddings
Wooooeeeee! Megan and Matt had a downright fun New Year's Eve wedding! We were so happy to be a part of it! You may remember these two from the amazing engagement session we did last summer in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia. Their wedding day wasn't any less amazing, as the entire day (other than getting ready) was at one of our favorite locations - Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia. The location is gorgeous, food scrumptious, and staff aims to please! I am sooo getting ahead of myself though!

The day started out with smiles and giggles as we arrived at the hotel - Megan and Matt were both excited to see us, and us them. They are like old friends - every time we meet with them, we all talk all over each other cause we have so much to say! It's pretty funny actually. Trying to have a productive meeting with these two is extremely difficult! We love them to death though and wouldn't want it any other way.

After everyone was finished getting all gussied up, we headed off to Knowlton for M&M's (just wait, it gets better...) first glimpse at each other. They nervously greeted each other with laughs, giggles and kisses and then we were off to try and get as many photos done in the short time we had. We also had the Ketubah signing thrown in the mix, which resulted in some great photos.

The ceremony was a traditional Jewish ceremony, almost completely lit by candlelight - although the guest count was almost at 200, it was intimate. After the ceremony was completed we hurried off to get the last of the family photos done and have some alone time with M&M. We had some fun in the wine cellar, then ran upstairs to have some total alone time, that Matt and Megan could have a few minutes to themselves.

The reception started with a bang as guffaws echoed around the room with the toasts, speeches and dances. A super-yum meal was served (filet!) and the party really got started. I forgot to mention it was a pretty late day ceremony - 7:30 PM - so until the speeches and meal were over, it was nearly 11 PM! Only an hour until midnight! (That was for those of you who have no idea how to tell time...) So anyway, the cake was cut, a bountiful dessert station was put out and the horah commenced! As soon as the horah was over it was nearly midnight and then right at the stroke of 12, balloons fell from the ceiling and hugs, kisses and love were flowing abundantly! It makes our job soooo worthwhile....

A HUGE thanks to Megan and Matt for making our last wedding of 2007 such a memorable one!

First photo here is of Matt and his dad (who was utterly hilarious) sharing a "moment" together.
Ok, irony here in this ring shot. Megan got this HUGE bag of McDonald's to munch on while getting ready - she had no idea why someone ordered so much food - there were like 6 cheeseburgers, a ton of fries, and so on. The funny thing is, Megan said she NEVER eats McDonald's! She said it has been at least 5 years since she had McDonald's, and now on her wedding day there is an overabundance.

So me, being the funny person I am, thought it would be appropriate to do a ring shot for her to remember her McDonalds. (Don't worry, I did some other non-McDonald's ring shots as well!)
Megan just lit up the room with that smile.
The first glimpse...
I just love this shot! A kiss at the end of the Ketubah signing - but I just love how seriously they took it! Hands crossed and everything!
Congratulations all around! Matt's mom was ecstatic.
Megan looking gorgeous in one of the upstairs bedrooms
Waiting for the ceremony to start...
I do!
Some yummy light we played with in the wine cellar.
And back upstairs another intimate moment.
Matt's dad on the left and Megan's on the right - both nervously and emotionally waiting there turn to speak. This was during Matt's brother's speech.
This photo is just too funny! You can't see it very well, but this gentleman's wife is showing Matt his tie - because he dribbled cake and icing all the way down his shirt, tie and pants! So adorable!
mmmm.....mmmmm.....mmmmm - Dessert - look out!
Matt's dad was such a character, did I mention that already?
Megan's dad wanted in on the action too!
Happy New Year! (You can see the room view of the midnight strike in the header of this post!)
Ok - story behind M&M, besides that being their names, the photo you see here, with the M&Ms saying "Will you marry me?" That is how Matt proposed to Megan! He had a bowl of these sitting out on the coffee table one time when she came home (I think on a visit home from college if memory serves me.) - and he popped the question in one of their favorite candies!
And and exhausted last shot! Love you guys!
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