Michelle and Shane - December 28th

Monday, January 14, 2008 - Weddings
Man, we had a good time at this wedding. Michelle and Shane gave us a ton of freedom to explore all of the ideas we had during their portraits. This was our first time shooting a wedding ceremony in the Hershey Theater, and we were blown away by the architecture. The theater was an amazing backdrop to the wedding, and we used it to it's fullest. One of the highlights of the day (from a pretty picture takin' standpoint) for me was the dramatic exit. The smiling couple exited the theater into a throng of hissing and spitting sparklers being waved around by the guests. Rita and I ran around like nuts trying to get as many shots as we could before the display fizzled away.

Two giant candy bars visited the reception to the excitement of all of the kids running around. I remember one little girl running up to the Hershey Bar and screaming, "I'm gonna eat you!", then running away screaming. If a candy bar could look surprised, he did. That's something that can only happen at the Hotel Hershey.

Anyway, on to the pics. We got to try some fun things, and I think we even scared the wedding party a little. Hopefully they will see the blog, and understand why we sent them all down the basement steps in front of the theater.

Oh, I almost forgot. We got to work with the team of Melissa and Tina from Event Planning Network. It's always nice to have someone around to keep things running smoothly.
This shot was taken about 2 minutes before the processional started. This is my favorite time of the wedding day, hands down. This is when it becomes real.
Rita caught Shane's reaction to Michelle and her dad coming down the aisle.
Taken from the second floor, this shot shows the whole scene. You can even see the musicians in the balcony across the foyer.
Oh yeah, these were the spitting kind of sparklers. Smokey sparky goodness.
Window light from the inside out!
I love this shot. John was strutting around the dance floor like he owned it.
Some of Michelle and Shane's friends brought out their own DJ equipment and the dancing really picked up.
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