Teri and Shane - December 1st

Thursday, December 13, 2007 - Weddings
Whoa, I am really late with getting this blog post up and I have to say sorry! to Teri and Shane. We have been sooooo swamped with all of these Christmas goodies our clients are ordering for friends and family. And we have lots of juicy new things in the works already for next year...but that is a different post so just stay tuned.

As for Teri and Shane, they had some of the best winter weather I have seen in years. It was sunny, almost warm, and just gorgeous all day. Beautiful blue skies, a wedding along the river, what could be better? They had a very intimate wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Harrisburg, and then we walked down next to the river for some juicy light portrait time with the two of them. Teri looked just stunning in her elegant gown from Diva Ree's.

After play time, it was off to the Hotel Hershey for a short break in the afternoon, and the cocktails and the reception in the evening. The reception room looked beautiful as Teri had a snowflake winter theme that was executed brilliantly! A snowflake ice sculpture was eye candy in the room, and some of Teri and Shane's friends were professional swing dancers! The dance floor was hopping and the kids were running around. Music to our eyes...

Here's Shane talking to the videographer before the ceremony.
Teri couldn't figure out how to fit in the car in her dress. It took some maneuvering, but we finally got her in!
We really liked this iron gate, and here's Shane...
And Teri.
Shane anxiously awaiting the ceremony to start, it began late because the florist was a little late with delivering the flowers.
This guy was a cutie all day, but here he is in awe of the huge cathedral.
Some other guests playing peekaboo.
All smiles, and married!
Teri trying to not squint so bad in the harsh afternoon sun! Her veil had a mind of its own also...
I love, love love this portrait.
And this one with the Capitol building in the background.
Ooh and another favorite - we did a few quick shots over at the Hotel Hershey when we arrived, this one was our favorite.
I told you the room looked gorgeous.
Another cutie.
Voila! Dinner is served. Joel loves the look on their faces!
Shane is very intense about this cake feeding business.
Partay time!
And lastly, we have to show the bling!
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