Kristen and Peter - November 24th

Friday, November 30, 2007 - Weddings
Tricked ya this week, didn't I? I bet you all thought we didn't have a wedding last weekend - it's Friday and I am just blogging this now! Our Turkey Day sale was pretty successful and we were crazy busy earlier this week with taking care of all of that. So anyway, we did have a wedding last Saturday, and the day was spent with the gorgeous Kristen and her husband Peter!

Kristen and Peter only booked us a few short weeks ago, but we were happy to be participating in their day. They wanted very few portraits done, so we captured most of the day seeing events and moments through the 4 Wiebner eyes. A traditional Catholic ceremony was held at St. Cornelius church in Chadds Ford, PA - a church we were glad to return to, we had been there previously this summer. Lots of light and flexibility in our positioning during the ceremony make this church one of our new favorites.

The reception was held in Avondale at The Great Room at Loch Nairn Golf Course - what a great room! or rooms I should say. It was spread out across 3 different rooms, and there was a nearly 2 hour cocktail time, and then lots of dancing, eating, and partying!

Kristen's dog Scout was so cute, he was being very overprotective of his mommy, and was keeping guard while Kristen was getting dressed.
Kristen just couldn't get her ribbon to tie properly and she had to wait for her mom to get there - mom saves the day!
Sooo graceful and elegant!
It was during these couple quick portraits that we found out Kristen actually used to model. We could tell just by how she held herself, she knew exactly what to do.
This is my favorite shot from the day. I saw this gentleman sitting there before the ceremony and he just looked like he had character. Then I caught him doing this as the priest started his homily.
Joel's take on the priest's homily. Don't you love that light?
A blessing.
One of Peter's nieces trying to not doze off during the ceremony.
In the vestibule of the church, friends and relatives greeted each other with smiles.
Kristen's bouquet was perfect for fall!
Leaving the church during a gorgeous sunset.
A quick portrait or two outside of the reception...
Kristen's cousin's daughter was soooo adorable!
A scrumptous looking cake.
The exterior of the reception venue.
Peter's nieces were having a whole ton of fun with one of the guests.
An over-abundance of cake!
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