Tracy and Scott - November 10th

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - Weddings
What a weekend! Saturday we arrived at the historic Mountain View Inn, where the reception was held, to see what everyone was up to before the ceremony - Tracy ran up and gave us a big hug and smile when we arrived and off we went.

We didn't have much time prior to the ceremony for portraits, so we only grabbed a few, but later had a lot of time to get what we needed. The ceremony was held at the spectacular, Saint Vincent's Basilica, in Latrobe, PA. It was a shorter Catholic ceremony than we are used to, but that was fine, we were excited to get to spend some alone time with Tracy and Scott. As we were doing their couple portraits we finally had a chance to really talk, and Tracy and Scott are huge movie fanatics like us. I love finding out these little things that connect us to our clients, it just makes the whole experience so much more fun and relaxing for everyone.

After we froze out in the cold for a little while, we headed back over to Mountain View, where there was a break before the cocktail hour. Everyone warmed up and started the party early, while we whisked around down in the ballroom grabbing some details.

The cocktail time (it wasn't a full hour) started with our astonishment at the amount of cookies in the room. I have never in my life seen so many cookies and pastries in my life. The entire right side of the ballroom wall was lined with tables and tables of cookies. It was a cookie feast!

The other highlight for us at the reception was the dollar dance. It was one of the most fun events we have seen in a long time. Tracy did it the RIGHT way with a polka, and handing out shots - she ended up polka-ing (yeah made that up) with just about every guest in the room. I felt so bad for her too, because she was having problems with the bustle in her dress, so she ended up having to hoist her huge dress up and cling onto it with every person she danced with. She was so exhausted, hot and sweaty until the end I thought she was going to pass out! But once Scott broke through all of the guests crowded around Tracy and "rescued" his bride, they ran out into the lobby for a breather and their last shot with us!

Thanks so much to you both for inviting us to travel out to be included in your super-special day, it was an honor!!

Scott's working on getting all dashing looking. Joel was having some fun with the guys while I was over with the gals.
I love this shot, this was Tracy and her makeup gals seeing Tracy's sister all "dressed up" for the first time that day. Tracy started crying after this. :)
I love this shot of the church.
And this moment, Joel said he nearly missed as he was across the church and ran as he saw it happen - Tracy's brother was walking her down the aisle and this is what happened when he came to get her, they both started sobbing uncontrollably.
Happily married!
Tracy gets some quick makeup touch-ups before photos, as one of her adorable little flower girls watches in awe.
Tracy had the most infectious and radiant laugh and smile. I could have photographed these two all day - oops, well we did!
Tracy had really unique bouquets, as every one of them was designed differently with different shades of fall flowers, but they all went together. It was done beautifully.
Tracy was just simply stunning.
Scott secured actually one of his first cars (like literally, he owned this car in a former life), for their escape to the reception. We HAD to do some photos with it...
Tracy requested that we drive out to the highway to grab this shot of the church in the distance, she said the view was to die for, and she wasn't kidding! We got a bunch of shots of the church in focus, but I like this one showing the scenery in the foreground.
At the reception, there is that laugh again!
And totally happy and content a lovely first dance.
Some guests enjoying the party!
And getting down too.
These flower girls were just soooo cute. Here they are waiting their turn for the dollar dance!
Yeah, Scott's mom had broken her neck (I believe that is right.) - but here she is doing a shot at the reception with her neck brace on! Not something you see very often.
Exhausted from the dollar dance, we waited out in the hallway for Tracy to freshen, Joel sneaked this shot of Scott sitting in the phone booths while we waited!
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