What do a Knight and a Power Ranger have in common?

Thursday, November 1, 2007 - Personal
They are brothers of course! Y'all know yesterday was Halloween, and even though we have work coming out of our ears, we needed to take a break and spend the boys favorite holiday with them. So my little Power Ranger (Zane) and my big Chronicle of Narnia (as Haydn says it, he was Peter from Chronicles of Narnia, even though everyone thought he was a knight) - hit the streets of Lancaster foraging for candy. Trick or treating was great this year, as Zane wasn't shy as in previous years, and they walked up to houses by themselves and waited for their treats. Joel and I were able to hang out on the sidewalk and watch. We walked around our local blocks, then someone we saw on the street said the college kids over at F&M were giving out a ton of candy at the fitness center, so we walked down there. They made out pretty good....and came home to eat as much candy as they could.

It's the one night I let them eat as much candy as they want.....candy wrappers went flying.....sticky fingers were digging in the bucket.....and lips were smackin'.....

Here's the handsome duo sportin' their costumes and candy bags .
Zane, in his Power Ranger stance.
Haydn ready to vanquish some dragons.
Wait for it, wait for it....
Some friendly pumpkins we found.
Haydn kept on stabbing Joel with his sword!
I love this one.
Oooh, I'm so scared!
Walking down to the college fitness center, Joel grabbed this one of Haydn running up ahead.
Back home - the loot. Black witch cauldron with hoards of candy - check. Grocery store bag for all of the garbage - check. You can see how much they have already had...
And I can't go without posting a silly shot of the gremlin himself...
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