Dana and Harry - October 26th

Thursday, November 1, 2007 - Weddings
Wet! That's what happened on Friday - everything was wet. Our drive up to Wilkes-Barre for Dana and Harry's wedding was rain free, but as we entered the salon, it started to sprinkle. When we arrived at Dana's parents house for getting dressed, it was drizzling pretty good, and later on - it was pouring! Rain all day. But that NEVER stops us! We were a little short on time for portraits before the ceremony (rain really slows down the transportation process!), but were able to grab some great moments throughout the day and had a few minutes alone with Dana and Harry during the cocktail hour. I have to say, their reception venue was GORGEOUS and we were a little wistful that we didn't get to shoot outside - the reception was held at The Highlands at Newberry Estate and it was just dreamy! And one thing we have never seen, the amount of FOOD at the cocktail hour there was insane! It was like a medieval feast I swear! Harry and Dana kept telling us about how much and how good the food was going to be, but we were awestruck when we saw it all. There were tables covered with scrumptious appetizers, waiters were butlering hors d'oeuvres around - aahh, it was mouth watering!

The abundance of food carried over to the reception, with several main course stations set up throughout the venue. Once everyone had completely stuffed themselves, the fun really started on the dance floor. The best dollar dance we have ever seen happened - which Joel informed me is a Polish tradition - but everyone danced with the bride, very quickly, for only about 10 seconds and then when the dance was over all of the guys crowded around Dana and wouldn't let Harry in to get to her. He had to "bust through" all the men and rescue his wife! Take that, plus a bunch of ornery guests and it was quite a site.

Dana and Harry were so gracious and generous throughout the day, thanks so much to you both!

Here we are leaving the salon, and Dana was very concerned about the elevator making it down - it was NOT very reliable and was shaking the whole way - yikes!
A beautiful card from Harry to Dana.
Dana made all of the bridesmaids jewelry herself, and here she is putting her sister's (and maid of honor) bracelet on.
We were actually very fortunate that we were given a great gift on this rainy day - an empty natural light studio! Dana's parents were remodeling their house, so there was a completely empty room, with huge windows. Bonus!
The limo driver, waiting for the girls to come out of the house.
We made a quick stop at Dana's grandparents house down the block - very sentimental for Dana as she spent a lot of time here growing up.
Ooh, the time has come!
Harry, beaming from ear to ear seeing his beautiful Dana!
Rain, rain go away, come again another day...
Some quiet time with the two lovebirds.
Harry's best man gave a sentimental toast.
Guests were getting goofy for the videographer.
I LOVE this cake cutting shot!
Dana dancing with her dad, the tears were flowing here...
Some crazy dancefloor fun with some props the DJ was passing out.
And some impromptu karaoke by some guests.
Watching the dancers tear up the floor.
And Dana's grandparents, enjoying a slower pace.
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