Kristen and Shawn - October 20th

Monday, October 22, 2007 - Weddings
What a windy day on Saturday! I swear I though Kristen was going to take flight with her veil, the way it was blowing completely vertical! She just laughed it off and we got some fun shots of her trying to tame it. That was just her attitude, fun and carefree all day.

We were psyched for this wedding, as we did Kristen's sister's wedding - last year (Shannon and Mike) - and will be doing her brother's wedding next year! Three siblings in 3 years - their poor parents! Just kidding, their entire family is so nice and we couldn't be more fortunate to work with such a great family. And a funnier thing is, Kristen's brother's name is Sean also! All day I heard different people calling Shawn and Sean by their first and last names because they wanted to make sure they were getting the right one, it was too funny....

And speaking of Shawn, he was so worried about the photos, as he said he is a terrible blinker and is NOT photogenic! Well I think you can see here, we managed to catch him a few times with his eyes open... :) He really wasn't that bad, and just goes to show that when you think about it and concentrate on it, it happens. But when you are sneaky like us and catch you off guard you just don't have to worry!

We had another spectacular day, thanks to everyone for letting us do our "thang"!

At the salon, I caught Kristen checking out her finished hair - lots of curls!
Here she was laughing about her veil, she was trying so hard to keep it together, as that darn thing just kept flying around!
Shawn looking wicked cool...
And here!
This is Anita, Sean's fiance, and our bride for next year! She was peaking in to check on how things were going.
This flower girl was so cute and we both got so many adorable shots of her! Here she is waiting in the "big girl" lineup to go down the aisle!
There was some killer light coming in through the church windows during the ceremony...
Ah, the cutie again!
Some fun downtown...
This shot is totally trippy...I love it! (Although the shot I got of Joel laying on the ground taking this shot is MUCH better!) Just kidding, this shot rocks!
We were having a good time!
Shannon could NOT stop crying during the toast! She barely made it through, and as you can see everyone else was crying too!
Watching a slideshow of the lovely couple.
And a great bouquet catch!
This shot one of my favorites ever! I can't take credit, this one was all Joel, but I just love every aspect of it! It was a rowdy exchange when the guy that caught the garter put it back on the girl that caught the bouquet. The reactions of everyone were priceless, and the only thing that is hard to tell, is that he put her leg up on his shoulder to put the garter back on! And he was waiting to hear the cheers of everyone to put it higher, such an awesome shot!
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