Marie and Zach - October 6th

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - Weddings
It was a little hot this weekend. Unseasonably warm weather broke records all over the state - with highs in the 90s. Yuck. Both of our couples this weekend were like, "What happened to fall?" Fall was put on hold and Indian Summer came roaring through. Saturday was a bit sticky as we were in a historic church in the Mechanicsburg area with no air conditioning. Yes, I said that correctly, no air conditioning. Marie had picked this church not worrying about the weather as it was October - October is supposed to be mild in the 60s and 70s right? Oh well, we made the best of the day despite the heat! In fact, we had a rockin' time! I was just trying to psyche ya out about the weather - it was hot, but weather doesn't deter us one bit. Marie and Zach were totally relaxed and ready to go - we had some fun at the hot church, then off to the country club for the reception. We had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite local coordinators, Melissa Rau from Event Planning Network - in fact she was a lifesaver at the reception! We were photographing Marie's father giving his speech, when I put my camera down against my chest and felt a sharp prick in my stomach. I looked down and there was a huge wasp crawling up my shirt! I must have hit him with my camera and out of anger he stung me in the stomach. It immediately started hurting, so I ran over to Joel gave him my camera and took off to the bathroom to make sure I didn't have a stinger or anything stuck in me. Melissa ran after me and made sure I was okay - she brought me Tylenol, ice AND bee sting medicine! What a lifesaver! I was very grateful, and am still recovering from a huge red welt on my stomach the size of a grapefruit...

To add to the story, I later find out that this nasty little wasp, had been on Joel just moments before I got stung. Upon returning to the reception, I told Joel what happened and he gave me a smirk. I was like, "What?!" - and he proceeded to tell me it had landed on him during the speech, he had flicked it on the floor and was going to step on it when it flew away. He thought, "Well, that's going to go sting someone..." Yeah, me!!!

Marie had the MOST gorgeous details on her dress. I loved this brooch on her sash.
Marie's mom and grandmother - checking out beautiful Marie after she put her veil on...
And dad seeing her for the first time...
I love the light in this photo of the wreath at the church.
And exhale! A deep breath before going down the aisle.
This church is so beautiful, but it was so hot!
Leaving for the country club, I love the reflection of the limo drive holding Marie's bouquet.
Some silliness amongst the golf carts...
The funny thing about this photo is that Marie's grandma wasn't sitting down - she's standing up! I guess she was talking to two really tall guys!
Reception fun...
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