Tracy and Brian - September 29th

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - Weddings
Our last September wedding was with Tracy and Brian in Lititz. We grabbed a few quick shots with Tracy at the salon, then off to the church we went to get ready for the ceremony. The tears were flowing after the ceremony, as Tracy and Brian greeted all of their guests. So many hugs, so many tears!

We had some fun taking photos after the ceremony at Brian's parents house and then at the Lititz Springs Park downtown. The evening was a total blast, as Tracy, Brian and their family and friends sure knew how to boogie down!
Tracy and her mom patiently waiting for the trip down the aisle - Tracy's mom was escorting her down...
And seeing Brian for the first time after the long walk, Tracy started to well up with tears...
Some of those hugs and tears...
And some smiles!
I forgot to mention the bubbles outside - this was Brian's grandfather, he was great to watch all day!
The wedding party having some fun at the park.
And Tracy and Brian in front of the Wilbur Chocolate factory - ooh it smelled soo yummy.
Their cake was so sweet - literally! It was a very nice cake, but tasted heavenly!
Joel wanted me to mention that he nearly got killed by these bridesmaids to get this shot! :)
Brian's grandfather apparently had been a Shriner clown, and this was one of his clown "poses" he would have to do.
And somehow, I got dragged into a dance circle - this was a great shot as a result!
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