Nicole and Jason - September 28th

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - Weddings
Ahhh, the LAST weekend of September!! We made it everyone! Thanks to all who have been patient with us this month - it was a little hairy at times, but we got through - now on to October! Which unfortunately, isn't going to be much better! We have 7 weddings in October...

But on to Nicole and Jason. You can see their rockin' fall engagement session from last year- HERE. And on Friday the party continued (literally) here in Lancaster at St. Mary's and Riverdale Manor. The guys were a handful - as they started the party looong before the reception did. :) But we were able to corral them long enough to get the photos that Nicole and Jason wanted. Nicole had some cool surprises in store for her guests throughout the day - and some things that even WE had never seen at any of our weddings! Instead of bubbles or rose petals or something of the sort, she had pom-poms for her guests to shake as her and Jason exited the church - they even lit up! And at the reception was the ultimate surprise - fireworks! This was the first the one of our couples actually arranged to have fireworks at their wedding - it was awesome and all of the guests loved them. They were better than some 4th of July displays we have seen! The fireworks company was C.D. Catalono Special FX - I would definitely check them out if you are looking to do this for your own event!


First shot here is Nicole's brother Kyle or "Rex" as he was nicknamed for the day - doing some tie straightening during preparations.
Nicole was having some problems getting her layers straight, and it took her entire troop of girls to get them figured out!
The guys - starting the party early. ;)
A dazzling photo of Nicole in the gorgeous light at Riverdale.
Unbelievably, this was completely unposed - Nicole was heading towards the stairs to hide from Jason, and she looked back to see that no one was following her - except for me!
Jason basking in the afternoon sun, I loved the chocolate brown tuxes the guys wore - Nicole said that she had such a hard time finding them!
At the church, the guys were having some fun...
Nicole and her coordinator taking some "deep breaths" before the ceremony - Nicole's Uncle Tim (who walked her down the aisle) looking on in the background.
Nicole's younger brother Corey and her grandfather chuckling in the pews waiting for everyone to come down the aisle.
Ah the pom poms!
And believe it or not, this was taken after dark in the parking lot behind Central Market - one of the bridesmaids was like, "We are taking photos in a parking lot?" Uh, yeah, why not?
Some alley-way lovin'...
I have to give a shout out to Jason's parents, who are in this photo - when they saw us for the first time that day, Jason's mom begged us to get her on the blog!! It was so cute and funny - then she told us how they have been secretly been taking dance lessons just for the wedding! She said we better catch them in action! Here ya go!
Some of the fireworks glory over Riverdale.
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