Ashley and Derek - September 23rd

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 - Weddings
Last one down! Sunday we were down at good old Willow Valley with Ashley and Derek, and I have to say, I have never seen so much crying at a wedding in my life! Ashley's family was very emotional and the tears flowed the ENTIRE day! Nothing wrong with that, but I knew there was going to be a lot of tears when we arrived at the Salon, and Ashley's mom was crying there! And Derek's mom! I forgot, she was a crier too! It was so sweet though, and Ashley just had the best personality. She was fun, confident and easy-going and she just glowed when she smiled. It was so beautiful to see. Derek is one lucky guy!

Ashley's flower girls were sooo cute - they were giving Amber (the youngest) pigtails at the salon!
A sweet shot of the girls with the church in the background.
Ashley had the most beautiful eyes!
Having some fun with her veil under the trees, yummy light...
Derek looking totally handsome.
Ashley really loved the willow trees, so we did a bunch of portraits underneath them, I really liked this shot.
And then this one out next to the field - more yum!
All of the parents had the chance to speak at the reception, Derek's mom couldn't get through it without getting choked up with tears.
And Ashley's reaction...
Dress difficulties - Ashley's bustle kept coming undone! Apparently, it was camera worthy...

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