Sherry and Dustin - September 22nd

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 - Weddings
Day 2 of the long weekend! Sherry is so super sweet - she was a bridesmaid at one of our weddings last fall and she was so excited to have us at her wedding. She has two adorable kids, Cole and Caleigh, and they were so fun to photograph. Dustin was rockin' with some awesome shoes (you'll see those coming up!) - and they had the whole day at the Four Point Sheraton down in York.

The ceremony was literally the shortest we have ever had, I think it only lasted 5 minutes - they said "I Do", exchanged rings and kissed - and off they went! We have a lot of fun with the wedding party though, and then a blast at the reception. The cake mean...smashing was very memorable. :)

I love this ring shot - I found a courtesy card lying on the nightstand in Sherry's hotel room, it made for a great background for the rings...
Cole and Caleigh and Dustin's niece Morgan - they were inseparable all day! Here I asked Caleigh to kiss her brother on the cheek - he didn't want to have anything to do with it!
Finding beautiful girls in the parking lot at the hotel...
And some not-too-shabby looking groomsmen.
I was digging the shadows and light on Saturday.
Sherry and Caleigh were playing paddycake just before the ceremony to keep the nerves down.
Dustin giving Sherry "a look" as she reached the front - Cole and Caleigh walked her down the aisle.
Caleigh was all teared up during the ceremony and afterwards... was Sherry!
On to some fun - there are those kickin shoes I told you about.
Dinner conversations.
Ooh, and that cake is a'flyin'!
Cigar time outside!
Cha, cha slide y'all
Group hug.
Sherry and her Maid of Honor, Tammy - they were super emotional when they got together!
Morgan really likes that cake.
And a sexy last shot out under the parking lot lights - sweetness!
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