Jen and Mike - The Post Wedding Session

Thursday, September 6, 2007 - Weddings

If you haven't seen enough of Jen and Mike this week, there's more in store. Last night we had a totally rockin' time with them doing some after wedding portraits. The post wedding session is a session we offer for any of our couples (or any other couples that love our work!) - after the wedding. It could be the day after the wedding, the week after, or heck years after. Why not just do portraits on the wedding day? As you saw with Jen and Mike's wedding, we actually did quite a few. The post wedding session is great for several reasons. One, you can go to a REALLY cool location to get some portraits that you might not be able to go to on the wedding day. We have TONS of ideas and locations for these shoots, so we try to keep every one of these shoots different. Also, it gives us additional time to experiment with lighting techniques, posing, and various other ideas that we may not have had time for at the wedding. Another important reason is that it allows our brides and grooms to be more open to getting their wedding attire dirty. We won't go and throw a handful of dirt on you just to do it, (unless it is part of a concept shot, wink, wink) - but it opens up the possibilities of sitting or getting into less than desirable locations. Plus, its just plain fun!

Jen and Mike trusted us totally and left the location up to us. We pulled some ideas out of our bag of tricks and decided on the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. What?!? Yes, a Railroad Museum. What the heck does wedding photos have to do with trains? Well nothing of course, but that never deters us - we have visited the Museum many times with our kids, and have always thought it would be a cool place to do a shoot. We had some conceptual ideas in mind, and Jen and Mike just let us do our thing. So let's see what happened...

Oh! And I NEARLY forgot, we had some very special assistance for this shoot from our great friend, Brock Martin from Infinet Design. He assisted with our lighting and equipment carrying and we can't thank him enough! It's always great to have another helpful pair of hands when on a shoot like this. Thanks Brock!

First we played around inside the museum on some of the train cars - Dave, the Director of the Museum was our guide and he was extremely helpful and offered up suggestions and ideas on things we could do.

Mike really loved these benches sitting in the Museum, and so did we, so we set up this shot in front of one of the PA cars.

I wish Joel would have taken a shot of me taking this photo, because I had to shimmy up on the railcar adjacent to this one to get the shot. I was balancing on tiptoes to get it!

Some dramatic lighting makes for some awesome affects. I love this shot of Jen and Mike sitting in the car.

Moving outside at sunset, we caught the sun reflecting off of some of the silver trains, it was just amazing!

A total conceptual shot I visualized about 6 months or so ago - I wanted to tie Jen up with rope and toss her on the tracks just like in the old movies. We had a lot of fun with this one.

Joel's breathtaking portrait of Jen on the tracks with the ominous train looming in the background.

And a final sexier portrait - Jen in her ropes has Mike in her grasp. Thanks guys for such an awesome shoot!

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