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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 - Weddings
Yeehaw! Jen and Mike's wedding is finally here! You may remember them from their blogalicious Engagement Session last fall - if not, check that out, but then come back for these juicy images! What a day we had on Sunday! First of all, Mike is a friend of ours from our old jobs (wow, we have known him for 7 years!), he was even at our wedding 4 years ago - so we were really looking forward to this day and getting the opportunity to capture some great memories for him and Jen.

Jen has got to be our most excited bride - ever! I don't think anyone can top the level of excitement that she had through our whole experience leading up to, and on the wedding day. She is a faithful blogstalker, and I just love her to pieces! As soon as she saw us come into the room at her parents' house Sunday morning, she squealed and charged us (yes, literally charged us) and gave us big hugs. I knew we were going to have a great day.

Jen had her stylists and makeup person come to her parents house, so everyone was able to hang out and relax - she also picked a great spot for all of the styling and makeup-ing -yeah, that's a made up Wiebner word :) - the enclosed patio that was all windows. What great light! We had some fun hanging with the girls on the patio and then off we went to Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown, which is where the ceremony would be at.

Once the girls were ready we headed straight into portrait mode - Jen loved photos - the more the better, and she wanted a lot of portraits. We willingly obliged, and spent a good bit of time with her and the girls then flipped and got Mike and the guys. The ceremony was HOT! - not that it wasn't sexy hot, but it was HOT! warm! That was Jen's word of the day - everything was HOT. :) Jen was so easygoing, she said Mike and the guys could keep their shades on for the ceremony - what a nice bride, and they did and they were sportin' the cool, even if they weren't physically cool. Did I mention it was hot at 3 o'clock on Sunday?

After the cermony and the family formals were over, we spent a LONG time with Jen and Mike making some totally awesome portraits - we had an absolute fantastic time. We did a bunch around the gardens at Masonic, then stopped for a few more at the train tunnel down at the bottom of the property. I think this is the Elizabethtown Train Station, but I am not sure. The opportunities in there were endless, and we could have spent all day! Alas, it was time to head to the reception. I have to admit I was so tired from shooting so hard all day I nearly fell asleep in the limo on the way there! It was a good 30 minute drive and everyone was pretty laid back relaxin' from the heat - if Mike wouldn't have kept making faces at me, and if it weren't for George's (Mike's best man) dance moves in the limo, I am sure I would have taken a snooze! Just kidding, no sleeping on wedding days!

The evening was dancing, mingling, good eating and lots of partying! at the Media Heights golf club in Lancaster. Jen and Mike seated us at a table for the meal with a bunch of our old friends, so we had a great time catching up with everyone.

We captured so much, its hard to remember everything that happened - thanks for being so great you two - we love you and looking forward to some more fun today!! (wink, wink - ya'll will see soon...)

The beautiful Jen getting her makeup done.
Fallon, the flower girl, was NOT happy about getting her hair done!
Jen was hopping around on one foot trying to get her shoes on, it was so funny.
What a beautiful group of girls!
Fallon checking out the necklace Jen gave her.
Jen was just breathtaking! Look at that smile!
Having some veil fun...
Mike was having a good time in the soybean field - I love soybean fields...
Pulling the aisle runner down the aisle, I love the shadow of Jen's brother on the runner and the ground.
Jen, dad and Fallon waiting for the ceremony to start.
The ceremony from a birds eye view - Joel hiked it up the steps during the ceremony to grab this overview of the ceremony in progress.
Jen's mom getting some congratulatory hugs from guests after the wedding - she was beaming!
Ah, some fun time...Superman and Wonderwoman are here...
Something fun.
A true gentleman.
Inside the train tunnel, man it was just so sweet.
Going up the tunnel steps, I snagged this at the right moment.
Off to the reception! All day the groomsmen were taking bets with Jen as to how long it would take her dad to cry during his speech - well, he didn't get very far and he was choked up! Jen was crying too, so he wasn't the only one.
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