Chrissy and Paul - Sept. 1st

Tuesday, September 4, 2007 - Weddings
First weekend of September down and out! Yes! No, I am TOTALLY just kidding - we had a BLAST this first weekend - weather was great and we had two FABULOUS couples!! I have to admit we were lucky, because we knew both of them - both of the grooms from this weekend we worked with at a past job. Made for fun days both days, but I am getting ahead of myself - let's talk about Paul and Chrissy...

Chrissy's parents have gorgeous property - there's a pond, a rope swing (hehe), barns, boats, a BAMBOO patch, and various other imaginative things that we could play with. We were so excited to start out the day there, and to have the chance to go back there after the ceremony for photos. We had SO much fun there (you will see below) and Chrissy and Paul were laid back and willing to do some risky things. (wink, wink)

The reception was at a new venue in Harrisburg, The Milestone Inn on Front Street - and it was amazing! We are looking forward to working there again next year for Angela and Ryan's wedding. It has a really cool courtyard area, an outdoor lounge area, and sits right on the river. The sunset was perfect as the reception kicked off. We were fortunate to work with one of our favorite DJs, Matt from Occasions DJs - and was this ever a dancing crowd! Chrissy and Paul were such great sports, they even let us come up with them at the end of the night into their room for their last shot. The room was gorgeous and Robin at the Milestone was on top of our every need. She even brought Champagne in while we were doing our last shot - how sweet! Congrats guys!

First shot here, Chrissy was just stunning standing among her dad's bamboo grove.
Chrissy's parent's were soooo cute! They were all smiles all day, and to imagine, they have 6 kids! Chrissy is the 2nd youngest if I remember correctly, so they have been through this a few times already!
A group shot that presented itself as we were having some fun with the girls.
Paul laughing as Joel was talking to him about being "nervous". Joel asked him if he was, and Paul said nah, that he was just a little jumpy - and Joel was like, well Paul, that's nervous!! It was too funny.
The kids at this wedding were A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! These little guys here were supposed to present the gifts during the ceremony - they couldn't sit still! An hour long Catholic ceremony is rough when your only knee high!
During the homily, the priest made light of the speech and video from the rehearsal dinner from the night before - apparently Chrissy's 4 brothers had some fun with it...
On the altar.
Hmm...I wonder what is up here? A rope, a bride, a groom, and...
Swinging over a pond in your wedding dress and tuxedo!
They were just so cute. Smiles the whole time while we were playing on the dock at the pond.
Chrissy and Paul had wine for their guests as favors, I love this shot of some of the bottles during sunset.
More cocktails!
NO cocktails here!
Ah, I was able to capture soo many great shots during this time - Chrissy's dad was giving a very heartfelt speech, and everyone was crying - Paul was starting to tear up here as Chrissy's dad told him how honored he was to have him marry his daughter.
A sawweet shot of the Milestone - the building is absolutely gorgeous!
Time for some Partay!
Last but not least, some final shots in their kick-a** room at the Milestone - that was one seriously lavish room!
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